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    So coronavirus will magically leave Argentina on April 13?

    MERS did just fine in Saudi Arabia with 43 degrees Celsius.
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    Will Cepo come back?

    If I come back to Argentina in 3 months should I bring 100 dollar bills? I'll be the first to say that using my 0 fee US debit card at stores in BA with it being basically the same as cuevas is so much better. And I know you all are just as lazy as me. Could you all give some insight into what...
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    Apartment Hunt - Advice needed will have listings. look at Temporal lisitings. note that Argentina is a bit different than other places where you can say 6500 pesos now and that will still be the same later. It will certainly not be the current exchange rate in Feb. Look for stuff listed in pesos it's...
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    Emergency: how reliable is FedEx Argentina?

    Find a cheap flight to Santiago and buy one.
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    Is Rosario Underated ?

    Just go there and make your own assessment. If you do a road trip to places North of BA there's a good chance you need to pass through there anyway. Who cares what other people think.
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    Anyone else having problems getting dollars in?

    you can sign up for Transferwise sitting on your couch in Argentina.
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    Universal Postal Union Treaty Withdrawal in mid-October 2019

    There is a good Planet Money episode on this. There are some legitimate grievances from the United States regarding China's heavily subsidized postal system. Anyway I suspect a good place to start would be calling the US embassy if you are worried about voting via mail...
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    Anyone else having problems getting dollars in?

    VPN in the US. You should have one anyway because Argentines know how to work packet sniffers and will do desperate stuff with the current economy
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    SkipLagged Flights, Cheaper Air Fares, Risky?

    Buenos Aires when you think about it is a pretty globally isolated city. There isn't a lot of places a flight itinerary may fly to with BA as a stopover that would make getting off somehow cheaper. In fact flights involving Argentina usually come at a premium. If you want to save look at going...
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    Anyone else having problems getting dollars in?

    A general simple way to get dollars in without the Argentine govt BS. 1. Get a transferwise borderless account and deposit dollars into it from wherever you get your money from outside Argentina. 2. Use transferwise borderless account to send money to yourself on in...
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    Argentina vs. EU

    Either would be fine really. I don't know why people are talking trash about Argentina on an Argentina expat forum. Should you choose Spain and get citizenship you might find yourself having to disclose more of your finances to the Spanish government than you would to Argentina's government...
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    Two Weeks in BA

    It is what it is, and it is pretty good.
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    How Can I Bring Money to Argentina/Uruguay?
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    How Can I Bring Money to Argentina/Uruguay?

    if you have a US bank account, it's easy. 1. put 20k in your account- one that gives you the withdraw fees back abroad 2. take it out at the bank in either country 10k+ is asked about in Argentina customs forms
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    Work Hours In Buildings In Capital

    Sorry I didn't read the articles too carefully just saw there were some ordinances referenced that may have the answer you're looking for if you go to the text of them. I think they are on the somewhere on the site, but the site was messed up so I give up.