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    In need of Intensive Spanish classes

    check out an excerpt of a email I sent to another friend of mine who was inquiring if knew of a good Spanish teacher: In regards to my spanish teacher...I think she is amazing! She has been teaching for many years and is very experienced with English speaking natives. She has great...
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    "Yankis" alert or should I say Yankees

    CHECK THAT.....Fusion/bar downtown, was not quite what I expected....they did not have baseball games playing. If anyone knows of any bars in the Palermo area that would have baseball games....please let me know....I'll be your best friend.....
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    "Yankis" alert or should I say Yankees

    FYI~ Club/bar fusion on 328 Florida- downtown, will have the game. I'll be there rocking a Yankee's hat if anyone is interested in meeting up. Hopefully to see you there....
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    "Yankis" alert or should I say Yankees

    I live in Palermo as well, near the American Embassy. I know The Alamo will have it, but I'm trying to find out if there is any bar near or in Palermo that would be playing it. If anybody knows of any closer locations your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    "Yankis" alert or should I say Yankees

    To all the Yankee fans, that is of NY of course, where are you watching the game tonight? Hopefully you're out there "dagnabbit" because this is what October is all about..... well there is always oktoberfest and halloween I guess. Even if you are not a fan, or perhabs you're a Twins fan or...
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    Marsala wine

    Thank you very much....I can now rest in peace......for now at least.
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    Marsala wine

    Random question......has anybody seen or know where I could purchase Marsala wine? I've been dying to make chicken Marsala and have had difficulty finding the Marsala.
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    Jazzclubs listings...

    Thanks for your posts everyone!
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    I'm not a hardcore hiker, but would love to get together with some people who'd enjoy exploring the outside perimeters of the city (i.g. hiking; kayaking; canoeing or any kind of adventure) . Even though Mike1's proposition sounds exhilarating, I just don't have the experience or time to embark...
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    What's good BA? I've heard that Buenos Aires has a few Jazz clubs. Is this true? I've yet to investigate, so I figured I start here. Do any of you fellow expatriots have any suggestions on where one could go to enjoy some great wine, which i've realized is not hard to find in this city, and...