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    Is this funny?

    No not really...
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    Really Nice DOG needs good home

    World citizen hero, good luck to both of you
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, January 28 at Tonico Cafe in Recoleta

    I will also attend for a bit today hopefully
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, January 21 at a NEW location in Alto Palermo

    The other one..cya next week
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    Importing products from America

    Wearable communications would be something whose time is overdue, not google glasses
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    Film Tells the Tale of Underground Club Night

    Ries A well crafted and thoughtful response, thank you. Your link is perfect..I was hoping it would resemble something like this Your additional color and thoughts were well received. Though I am Nashville, nashville..I am a...
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    Film Tells the Tale of Underground Club Night

    Hi Ries Is there a good url or your brain that can help me with a all inclusive list and locations of LIVE music venues in BA..I would be deeply appreciative and my Nashville brethren will stop beating my brains in with "You mean Notorious is the only club in a city of 3 million? no country, no...
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    :cool: me too, it captured the full flavor of the BA Favela Tour...just missing the bright yellow double decker accouterments! :)
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    Nothing like a great root canal to make the holidays cheerier Is there some avatar discrimination going on? "camel"'s choice, i think could be regarded as a peer? Neil is it age discrimination maybe?
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    Global Cost of Living Index for 2020

    Great piece of info....thanks for sending around!
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    Coffee Chat Tues. Jan 14 @ Starbucks Alto Palermo

    I am going to be late
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    I had a good experience with Dr. Pelcman and his staff on my emergency root canal back in December when I first got here...she was a lifesaver the female that is on his team
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    Coffee Chat Tues. Jan 14 @ Starbucks Alto Palermo

    The unexpected "BA FAVELA TOUR" last week still haunts me Neil!