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    Social Photographer- Weddings, events, boudoir

    Hi Ashley! Are you still in BA? I just did two boudoir photoshoots and I'm rather hooked...I'm an amateur but would love to add to my portfolio. Checked out your site! Let me know! Thanks!
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    Argentine Cat!!!'re right! It did come out the wrong way! Obviously I wouldn't be leaving her in Parque Centenario or anything but I would find her a new home with one of my friends... I'd obviously rather take her with me!
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    Argentine Cat!!!

    Hey expats... Just a quick question wondering if anyone knows how to get a cat out of Argentina...what kind of process is involved. I'm looking at leaving next year and I'd like to take her with me...although she was a gift from my now ex boyfriend, I guess leaving her behind wouldn't be too...
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    How many of you want to leave Bs As?

    Okay but most of us don't come here to buy houses let alone be able to afford buying any kind of property here!
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    How many of you want to leave Bs As?

    I just did a whole tour of the north of Argentina by motorbike...and I have to say, that while Argentines in and out of BA are different, people outside of BA, don't necessarily have more honour, nor are more caring. There is just as much garbage and just as much drama (which I just...
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    How many of you want to leave Bs As?

    It's funny how most expats post about how negative life in Arg has become...not even for them, but for their significant others. I had a 6 month plan here but now have been here for 2.5 years with another 2 years to go since I'm studying in UBA now. You're all right about life changing...being...
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    Job hell

    So here I am after 2.5 years here, drowning with the effects of inflation. I'm studying in UBA in a masters program and unfortunately can't just up and leave. I teach English and my institute is threatening to give me the boot if I can't teach a certain number hours/week (it was only this way...
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    Financial trouble

    Hi everyone I've been here about a year and I have a boyfriend not from here...his original plan was to build his life here, but we met and fell in love, I being from another country as well. The problem is that my father has decided he won't support me anymore (maybe because he knows it...
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    Storage Garage/Space

    I read somewhere about DepoMax storage - and while this looks like the perfect place to store things, I'm worried it might be really expensive. My boyfriend and I have lived here for over a year now and we have decided to travel for 6 months. We need a place to store our things...we have quite...
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    Expat Ladies Lunch/Brunch-Saturday 9/11 @2PM

    this sounds it's saturday? how do i recognize you?
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    Any English teachers need classes?

    hey my email is im looking to quit one of my institutes and pick up another but something more solid with the same hours every day please email me and let me know asap... im going to be away the first 2 weeks of june but after that im free
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    New Year's Eve: Let's make plans.

    kansas restaurant is friend is visiting me from US and we dont have any plans so we're cell is 11 5765 7725
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    Portenos and People

    alrighty so i realize this is a great places to meet fellow foreigners, but i also met a few Argentines this way...a couple of my American friends are leaving and im looking for new people to meet and shoot the sh*t with...i dont have many Portenos in my friend circle (just 2) and have...
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    clubbing friend :) and empanadas

    yeah im here until march at least...maybe longer not sure....
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    Want to be friends?

    ive been here for a couple months and definitely love meeting new people as it's great to share ideas, perspectives and have a good time...cafes and museum and shows are great in this city...message me personally if you want and we'll figure something out...weeeee Jojo