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    Immigrations At Puerto Madero - Visa Renewal

    Has anyone been to PM Immigrations recently, if so how much is the fee and what time do they open in the morning. Still the yellow building?
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    Girly Night Out - Fish And Chips At Chipper 20 March

    Girls, I know there has just been a post on this restaurant recently. I am desparate to go and check it out and thought it would be fun to make it into a girly night. Anyone interested in joining for Wednesday 20th March? If I get enough interest, shall forward details later. I am going to see...
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    Colonia Hotel Recommendations?

    I know a Brasilien photographer who has an amazing photography studio on the main plaza with views overlooking the famous lighthouse. His studio is amazing!!! He sells such things as original walt disney lps from the 30's and toy cars etc etc. He has a b&b above the studio which he and his...
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    Teech bleeching gel

    Does anyone use teeth bleaching gel here, (ie the kind that is used with gum shield trays you keep in your mouth for hours). I am after a make called Poladay 7.5% gel and not sure what is available here and now other brands are here. gracias!
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    Dental cost - is this reasonable?

    The price as 1050 which included everything, ie root canal plus crown. The cleaning was another 300 pesos. I was 'interveiwed" by the manager there and he knows I work as an English teacher here and have been here 2 years. I get the impression if you go there as a tourist, the price would be...
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    Dental cost - is this reasonable?

    I visited the Dental House in Belgrano today for a check up and also because i lost a huge piece of my tooth yesterday. I had xrays taken and a girl quickly checked my teeth and was told i needed root canal treatment. Cost for root canal treatment and hygiene 1450 pesos ie 1050 and 300. Does...
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    Friendly Scottish girl looking for new amigas!

    Amy, good luck with the gallery of cuties!!! kx
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    Friendly Scottish girl looking for new amigas!

    Chicas, shall be there at 9.30/10pm after work, Stene, shall look forwward to some Scottish banter with you lassie!! :)) kx
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    Friendly Scottish girl looking for new amigas!

    i am also scottish and would be soo nice to meet up with a fellow lassie!! keep me posted on any firm plans and in any case, shall hope to see you this weekend at the horseback riding! i have been in BA for nearly 2 years and we can swap stories in palermo or wherever, i am on cervino and c...
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    Newly arrived in BA

    kimberley, check out my riding activity on my earlier post and email me if you want to come! it is a great way to have fun, meet people and get away from the noise and hustle of BA and escape to the peaceful stunning countryside!!
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    Laptop for sale

    I have a 13 inch laptop for sale, brand new and Toshiba! Anyone interested, please PM me! thanks!
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    exporting help for a new business

    I have some friends who want to set up a business selling Argentine products in Europe and they are currently doing some research. They want to know if there is an association here that they could contact for help eg where they can find suppliers, export costs etc etc etc. Any help on this is...
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    Getting to know BA and BA Expats

    All on this post, count me in! live in Palermo and from Scotland!
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    Making Friends at Work---HARD

    Copy of original message: i've had a hard time making friends with argentineans....if i didnt know the language, i would be extremely shy to actually speak it. it happened to me when i lived in france. i don't think i need to be analyze by a shrink. i think the people who think that way SHOULD...
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    Is Argentina a safe country for tourists?

    In relation to the French press saying Argentina is dangerous, I can honestly say that after a year and a half here, I have never felt unsafe. I also want to point out, as a British girl who lived in the south of France for 4 years before coming here to BsAs, I felt unsafe all the time in...