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    Headache situation with housing agency - any advice appreciated

    Thank you all for your responses and sympathy. The money, I agree is (not so well) spent on an important lesson. I will certainly not be so trustful of photos of apartments in the future. Good luck to all those still seeking a home in BA :) I move to a new and quieter place in Recoleta tomorrow...
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    Make-up artist needed for model's portfolio shoot on a TFCD (Time for CD) basis

    Hello all, I am in the process of planning a shoot with a model to help add to our respective portfolios and would be interested in collaborating with:Make-up artist Hair designer Fashion design students (to help showcase your designs) / stylist There will be no renumeration as this will be a...
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    Help! Moving to BA from US this month

    Sam, I would definitely see the apartments in person before renting them for a medium to long term. Stay in a hostel in the mean time. See this thread for reference:BYT fiasco I am also an aspiring photographer (or rather, recent grad from photography course) but am here for tango :)Good luck!Anne
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    Headache situation with housing agency - any advice appreciated

    Well, I thought that I could find somewhere quite quickly. The delay was incremental. US$953 would have been rent until Sep 14th.Yeah, I am not hopeful anything could be done now but wondered if anyone had anything valuable to add. A case of bad luck, I think.
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    Headache situation with housing agency - any advice appreciated

    I am currently in a very difficult situation regarding temporary apartment renting and hope that someone could help or give me some advice on how to proceed. The situation is as follows: I arrived in BsAs on 24 Jul having rented an apartment near Plaza Saint Martin for 2.5 months (until 14...
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    Hola a todos. Freelancers/Creatives?

    Hi, I'm a recently graduated photography student and am here in BA to dance tango and also shoot a few reportage series. Would like to meet other creatives. Let me know. My work can be seen here:www.anneliphotography.comCheersAnne
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    Coffee / lunch anyone?

    Would love to meet up with people for coffee. Just arrived and will be here for a couple of months.
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    looking to meet people

    hi i just arrived in BA yesterday and will be here for 2.5 months, mainly to dance tango. I'm 25, from London and would love to meet some new people for coffee/drinks :)