Headache situation with housing agency - any advice appreciated


Jul 25, 2008
I am currently in a very difficult situation regarding temporary apartment renting and hope that someone could help or give me some advice on how to proceed. The situation is as follows:

I arrived in BsAs on 24 Jul having rented an apartment near Plaza Saint Martin for 2.5 months (until 14 Oct). I signed the contract with BYT on the day that I arrived. I was tired and drowsy from a long flight and did not check the place thoroughly. During the first night I noticed that the apartment is incredibly noisy (to the extent that friends on the phone to me thought that I was outside, on the streets). In addition, the apartment is in worse condition and dirtier (stains etc.) than portrayed on the photographs on the agency's website.

I phoned the agency the next day and after a few unsuccessful attempts to induce any action visited their office on the following Monday (28 Jul). On this day I was promised a refund of all but one month's rent (US$550) and so I started looking for a new place. Owing to now a new and further budget constraint I did not find anywhere until about ten days later. At this stage the owner now wants to keep US$953, which translates to me paying this amount for 3 week's stay. This, to me is unfair:

* I complained very early on, one day after arrival.
* I informed the booking agent (on the 4th day after arrival) that I will be looking a place and will move out as soon as possible
* Neither the agency nor the landlord proceeded to try and rent out the apartment despite the above point.
* The apartment is of bad condition, unlike how it is advertised.
* The noise level is very bad and, in my opinion, beyond what anyone should and would be willing to bear. (I am not being ultra sensitive. My complaint is reasonable).
* The agency is taking no responsibility for the situation and the negotiation is between myself and the landlord, whom, of course, would want to recuperate as much money as possible.

I am moving out this Wednesday regardless but wonder whether there are options by which I could try and minimise my loss. Do I have a case? Has anyone had a similar experience? I am a student and losing this amount of money for 3 week’s stay in a virtually sleepless environment seems unfair. Am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help
Why did you move to a hotel/hostel if the place was so bad?
I think the landlord is right in this case. Cut your losses and look for a better place
What is 953 dollar by the way? Rent untill 31 of august?
Sorry. You are in ArgentinaStan. You are screwed. Get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The name is Anne but she(you) should have picked the offer from Byt. Seems like it was reasonable.
Well, I thought that I could find somewhere quite quickly. The delay was incremental. US$953 would have been rent until Sep 14th.Yeah, I am not hopeful anything could be done now but wondered if anyone had anything valuable to add. A case of bad luck, I think.
When did you move out? I don´t think taking a months rent( what happens to the fianza?) seems that unreasonable. The owner now needs to rent out the appartment again, which he thought he didn´t have to do.
Maybe he gets lucky and rents it out for 3 months next week, maybe not and he has to wait untill november, but that´s the owner risk
londonanne, the bad news is you already know that you will never get your money back. Noise is one factor that is ever present in this city and they NEVER say anything about it in their ads online or in print! It is unfair to you, yes, we all agree with that, But this country goes by : It is what it is.
Just make it your life's campaign to speak about your experience and help others who are just coming in and do not know better. Be vigilant in reminding people about your experience so they do not make the same mistake you did. That is all you can do at this time. It is an expensive mistake but do not loose the lesson.
It is what it is....I am sure you are not the first one and sadly would not be the last one to experience this misfortune and sad experience. Good Luck!
You will probally pay 20 to 30% less after the first week as well