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    Package to Mendoza

    I have no idea what their service to other parts of the country looks like. But with Buenos Aires to Mendoza (= greater Mendoza metro area) I have received many packages and the above is my personal experience.
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    Package to Mendoza

    Really in Mendoza??? I have received many packages (different sizes and weights) with Andreani from Buenos Aires. They usually arrive here after two days, maximum three. No issues with backlogs at all. Packaging seems always in good condition. Packages with Correo Argentino get here a lot later...
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    ... and DAI is almost 1:1 with the US Dollar. While Bitcoin could potentially take a dive while you do your "transfer" - the DAI has so far been very stable.
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    Package to Mendoza

    Best experience sending packages from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (during and before the cuarantena) has been with Andreani.
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    High Quality Argentina Products

    Pretty small list for such a big country. Almost depressing.
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    It is shown as a national interbank transfer on my statement.
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    You could use DAI (pegged to the dollar) instead of BTC to avoid the risk from BTC taking a dive. Both Gemini and Ripio have it.
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    Maybe give Gemini a try? They are a bit more relaxed when it comes to the accepted documents for verification. Also they often seem to have a slightly better rate.
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    Quality Argentine Products

    Because otherwise they would have to admit that the Peso has lost almost half of it's value over the last months. Also, inflation would make a huge jump if imports were suddenly calculated at real market value of the Peso.
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    I am not sure. When I opened the ripio account I already had Argentinian citizenship. They say requirement is "residente de Argentinia, mayor de 18 años". Nothing about citizenship. Might be worth a try ...
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    Use crypto currency. Buy in Canada (not sure if Coinbase operates on Canada) then send crypto currency to your local account. There you sell it for ARS and transfer it to your bank account (it is a local Arg-to-Arg bank transfer with no forms to fill out at your Argentinian bank).
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    Matematica Argentina

    ... in case you ever wondered how the Dólar Blue is calculated.
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia

    Just like during the Macri government. Argentinians in Santiago de Chile running around malls - shop until you drop. Trying to get pairs of big screen TV's with a taxi to the airport. Even his own minister. Everybody spending foreign currency like there is no tomorrow. And now we have to pay...
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    Programmer Salaries

    Yeah. I should have written "Indians in IT do speak English". Did not mean the whole population.
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    Policy regarding repatriated Argentine nationals and Permanent Residents

    Just a quick comment: The policy is not the same across the whole country - in case you are not going to BA. In the Cuyo region (San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis) the 2 week hotel quarantine is still in place. Not sure if it is still up to date, but one article mentioned that the cost is $2000 ARS...