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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    I think the key factor in the original post is that there is a school-aged child involved. As complicated as Argentina is, the bilingual school options in BA are far superior to most other cities in Latin America, certainly in comparison to Uruguay. If he is set on South America, Argentina is...
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    Right Vs Left

    Sure the politics are a disaster but at least there are more than two true political parties (unlike in the US), so to get any real power they generally have to make friends/alliances with another party and make some compromises. Lots of changing alliances but it’s a bit refreshing to have some...
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    Real estate questions

    You ask questions with complicated and ever-changing answers. I would highly recommend you use the search function on this site, settle in for a lot of reading and advice, and then, if you’re still feeling brave, ask away!
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    Who is Stayin Alive?

    100% agree. Great perspective and sound advice. She sounds like she has nothing but time to fight you for money and blame. Just let it go and think of your kid and having a good relationship with him. It does take two to tango, so get off the dance floor.
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    Living in a house in Capital Federal

    I second Belgrano R. We lived there and loved it. We were in a building (with decent security) but originally wanted a house, but people stay in that area forever and we couldn’t find one to rent. I always felt safe there, no matter the time of day. The area around Avenida Melian is...
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    Some non-essential stores reopen for business in BA

    Whenever I hear someone being cavalier about coronavirus and how these precautions are limiting their personal freedom, I want to remind them that we are part of a community here and It’s Not All About You. But, if that doesn’t get through, I’d ask them to read any well-reported stories (NY...
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    Getting to airport from Neuquén

    Helpful info all. This is one of those times where I’m very thankful for BAExpats. Nothing like crisis to remind you of some of what’s really, safety and helping others. Please keep us posted on your return journey. We’re all rooting for you during these crazy times...
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    Getting to airport from Neuquén

    I am so sorry to hear of your stressful situation. I would really encourage you to reach out to your embassy to see how they might help you. I can’t imagine you starting that trek without knowing you’re going to be allowed to arrive safely in BA. Hopefully, your ages (particularly your...
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    No commercial flights until September 1st

    What is the long term strategy, really? To keep everyone locked up at least until September? Until a vaccine is available? My understanding has always been that the majority of people are going to be exposed to covid-19, and need to be exposed to it, to achieve herd immunity. The point of...
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    Transferring money into Argentina to buy a flat

    Good choice. It’s a good time not to make long -term commitments that involve a lot of cash that you can’t liquidate easily. Not just in BA.
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    Rapid coronavirus tests at train stations

    I’m thinking they would also like to know who has had it and may now have some level of immunity (and be able to go back to work or help others, with blood plasma donation). Italy has even been considering the idea of a kind of antibody ID card, which has all kinds of pluses and minuses. But...
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    Wife really wants to go back to Argentina with kid

    I think for preventative care, in normal times, and for the bulk of the population, the medical care in Argentina is heads above the general medical care in the US as a whole. However, the OP is faced with a choice of whether to go from lockdown in Peru to either Argentina or to California in...
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    Wife really wants to go back to Argentina with kid

    I think Argentina is doing a better job of managing and controlling the spread of the virus so far, but California is also doing a pretty good job and is heading into summer, rather than winter/virus season. Yes, LA is a bit of a hot spot in the state, but the Governor of CA is way more on top...
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    Alberto Fernández does not lie

    Wow the tone of these posts changed fast! Might be a record. Regardless of the subject, when you post an assertion that a politician does not lie (ever!?), you might need to back that up with something beyond a link to an interview.
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    Outgoing flight available by way of Ethiopian Airlines for this Saturday April 11.

    Yes, indeed, obviously I can imagine that many now might feel like leaving Argentina is a better idea than riding it out in times of uncertainty. But do expats here actually know long-term expats who have left? For good, because of coronavirus? Do expats who have stayed really feel like they...