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    Easy to get around BA?

    I am coming from Los Angeles for three weeks in August and I am staying with a family in Boedo (yes I've read this forum enough to know that I will be amongst working class portenos so I better watch my arse!). I have really enjoyed reading all of the reality checks all of you expats give to us...
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    Working en negro

    As an expat is it possible to work en negro doing simple things like working at a gym or a movie theater? I am bringing enough money to support myself, but I would like a job to occupy my days. How possible is this? -munch
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    When does class start at UBA?

    Hello all, I am planning on taking a spanish class at UBA in October. My problem is that their website does not clearly tell me what day the classes start or when I have to register/take the placement test. Since I am planning my trip around this class when do you think I should arrive in BA...
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    Return ticket necessary?

    I am planning on coming to BA for about 6 months and on taking a trip to Uruguay at 90 days to renew my passport. Am I required to show a return flight ticket when I first arrive in BA? In which case should I buy a refundable ticket and then cancel it when I get there? Thanks- munch