Working en negro


Jun 11, 2008
As an expat is it possible to work en negro doing simple things like working at a gym or a movie theater? I am bringing enough money to support myself, but I would like a job to occupy my days. How possible is this?
It's easy and legal to find work to occupy your days. You can volunteer at animal shelters or any of dozens of other charities. Working for pay without legal permission is another matter.
Why don't you do something to help the poor? Get in touch with a foundation working with the poor in the villas (shanty towns), volunteer to work with the poor through a church etc.
Volunteer work is a great idea to help the day go by. Plus, anyone who has ever volunteered in non-profit organization has benefited in the long run because of the networking. If you are a good worker and a nice person, NPOs will be offering you opportunities for paid work, and in Argentina, possibly sponsorship to work there legally. Good luck.