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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    I suggest we meet at Pasaje del Libro on Thames between Costa Rica and El Salvador.
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    Where to buy good yoga mats?

    Try Valle Tierra on Costa Rica and Armenia..They sell some there. Otherwise, why not order one online?
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    Hi All, I am definitely interested!
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    A New Yorker With A Few Questions

    Hi, I have lived in Palermo for about three years and other than having my purse stolen from a chair at a local restaurant I have not had any other problems. It is a great and relatively safe neighborhood.
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    Weekend walks

    Hi Ken, There is a group called the Hash..they organize walks/runs....although I am not sure how they can be contacted. If you find their contact info let me know! Best, NYGirl
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    Buenos aires hash house harriers

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have the details of this Sunday's Hash? Does anyone know what their website is? Thanks!
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    Any ex pats over 40 here ?

    Hi Silvi, I grew up in the States as well and moved back here in '06. Looking to meet people in their late thirties/forties (I am almost 39). Would love to attend sushi night.
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    Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

    Count me in as well!
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    noise problem!

    Hello Everyone, I currently live next to a restaurant whose machinery is extremely loud and on 24 hours a day. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, any suggestions on dealing with it? I have spent the past year asking the owners to do something about it and they refuse. Thanks!!!!!!
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    Natural foods in BA

    There is also La Esquina de las Flores on gurruchaga in Palermo....
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    Hola a todos. Freelancers/Creatives?

    Hi Everyone, I am 37 and a freelance film programmer living in Palermo. Would love to join you all for coffee sometime. Cheers!
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    Starbucks is opening tomorrow at Alto Palermo

    Has anyone been to the Starbucks????? This place is already a huge hit.. ...The line went half around the block! Yes, people are waiting for an hour for a Starbucks frapuccino. Seems that lots of people (locals, not tourists or expats) travel and are already familiar with Starbucks.
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    A NYC girl in Bs As :)

    Hi! I recently moved here from NYC myself! Feel free to contact me when you get here. Would love to meet fellow ex-New Yorkers.... nycgirl
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    Slavoj Zizek?

    It is true indeed. I met him and his young waifish wife at a talk he gave last year at the book expo. Have not heard much about him since. I imagine he is still around... NYCgirl
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    Jazz clubs--why does the music stop so early in BA

    Hi! There is a very cool place called Pedraza. It is a house on Manuela Pedraza about two blocks west of Cabildo in Belgrano. There is no sign on the door but usually one sees people coming in or out. It goes pretty late and pretty good jazz musicians show up for jam sessions..... Definitely...