noise problem!


Hello Everyone,
I currently live next to a restaurant whose machinery is extremely loud and on 24 hours a day. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, any suggestions on dealing with it?
I have spent the past year asking the owners to do something about it and they refuse.


Choice #1. Move back to that highly over priced, super rude, self loving garbage can called New York City

Choice #2. Move to a different apartment

Choice #3. Buy some earplugs

Choice #4. See a Doctor/get some sleeping pills

See, when you buy/rent an apartment and there's a restaurant/bar/disco/club on the other side of your wall you should check out things like noise. For whatever reason you didn't do it so now you have a major problem. Should have been more careful IMO, check things out FIRST, as you see, afterwards is TOO LATE, sorry..........


We brought a "white noise" generator machine that we always used when traveling. It runs on batteries and ac power. They are very useful in masking noise. I use it at night and during the day when napping to block out traffic noise. I have not found they for sale here but I would recommend getting on even if you have to pay an import tax (I mean now much is a good night's sleep worth)!We got ours at the Sharper Image store but I see that their site online is "under construction" so you might try this link. that helps!


Argentines, not just in Buenos Aires, live with an incredibly high level of noise and air pollution. Mufflers are not required. Vehicles are not inspected. Busses are supposedly inspected, yet they sound like air plane engines and pollute so much you expect to see birds dropping from the sky.
choice #5. mandate mufflers, inspect vehicles, and install catylitic converters. Its not 1950 anymore!
I have no hatred of north american cities or towns so I dont have to justify all of this. Its poor government, one of the most consistent things about argentina, and a people who dont even seem to dream of much change. Look at their faces. The saddest Ive ever seen.
The noise is relentless and so is the on-the-street level pollution. A person should be able to enjoy peace and quiet in their home and sleep well. Expect noise here and expect it to never end.


"JG" said:
Argentines, not just in Buenos Aires, live with an incredibly high level of noise and air pollution. Mufflers are not required. Expect noise here and expect it to never end.
JG, your comments re Argentina are always so negative. I'm intrigued to know why you continue to live there?


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I would have to agree with dudester here. If you have lived in NYC before, this is nothing compared to what's out there. I've always used ear plugs when I was living in Hell's Kitchen. It helps a lot, especially when you have to sleep. If you think Buenos Aires is noisy, you should try living in Mumbai, Sao Palo, Tokyo, or Seoul, it's a bigger mess than this. *sigh* people in the countryside are ALWAYS complaining about having nothing to do while people living in the cities are ALWAYS complaining about noise, pollution etc. I guess there is no such thing as being content with where you are. Maybe it's time to move to Papeete, no wait, bad idea, people would complain about goods being too expensive!!!


san isidro offers a wonderful balance of things to do, less noise and better air quality. sure it takes awhile to get there but all in all i love it.