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    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    Joe, there's been a lot of great feedback and some excellent comments. First, let me remind you, what you see on vacation like some said is always with rosy colored glasses. It's a different ballgame when you're living full time somewhere, particularly if you don't speak the language very well...
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    Maternity Provision

    I have Medicus and love it. My daughter is due around Christmas and I have an excellent doctor well recommended by expats and Argentines. I'm 40 and needed to have several tests that they would do in the States and I had absolutely no problem here. The private health care is excellent. Try to...
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    hairstylists buenos aires

    The person who was recommended to me and who I have now recommended to several people is Javier Luna. His website is He does several of celebrities' hair, and does a lot of work in the fashion industry so he's not often in the salon, but he's great. I used to work as a...
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    Imported Baby Clothes

    Hi, can you email me at so I can get some more info on what you are offering and the prices? Looking particularly for 0-3 months and some 3-6 months. Thanks
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    Steve, I was just at afip last week. This is what the representative told me you must have for your CDI:Original passport plus a copy for them to keepCertificado de domicilio for the police station federal that corresponds to your addressForm 663 completed for themNow, she didn't mention the...
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    Getting a new 90 day tourist visa.

    I also know of people who have been hassled after multiple visits back and forth to Uruguay over an extended time period. It is definately something to be concerned about and is something the immigration officials can enforce if they want to. The best is if you want to stay in the country long...
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    Getting a new 90 day tourist visa.

    you can only go to renew your tourist visa in the country other time. the opposite time you must leave the country even if it's just for the afternoon. Although you can stay in the country ilegally with an expired passport, why do that and risk problems when this country makes it so easy to stay...
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    School recommendations?

    Claudi, I also live in Acassuso and have several friends here who have their kids in school. I can also give you some contacts in both city and suburbs for families with kids in various schools, bilingual and no bilingual - they are often expats married to me at...
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    RealBA, right on the money. No you cannot get your DNI with a tourist visa. You can however apply for a CDI with your passport which will allow you to open a savings account, buy a car, buy property. Sometimes people get mixed up about which things you can get with which visas. ARCA is very very...
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    Seeking leads in coming to BsAs

    Natasha, which school did you attend? What do you focus on in your writing? You're coming at a great time weatherwise, it's going to be beautiful here by that time. I don't know what your interests are, but I'm a major foodie so if you want to chat about anything related to that, drop me an...
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    Plain yogurt

    Nashorama, thanks for the recipe. I've been looking for plain yogurt too to make tandoori chicken - somehow vanilla flavored doesn't work, and when need a large quantity - really a problem! Thanks also to everyone who found different locations.JG -" Food quality in argentina is generally...
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    Apartments - long term, no guarantia

    Elpanada, I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to reply to you, I only check the forum once a week or so. What is your point? What exactly are you looking for? Who are you talking about when you speak of "everybody else"? Our focus is exactly what I said it was. We are focused on no more and...
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    Apartments - long term, no guarantia

    Since I started my blog Moving to Argentina, I have received emails on a consistent basis asking for solutions or ideas in finding long-term apartments at rates less than tourist rentals, but without the requirement for a guarantia. I know what this feels like because my husband and I went...
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    Healthcare/health insurance for expats?

    I forgot to add, that our insurance includes dental as well. we chose the second highest plan available and are paying 516 pesos per month (no deduc no copay).Laura
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    Healthcare/health insurance for expats?

    If you're looking for a good insurance plan and a really nice person who can sign you up, I would recommend the woman who signed us up for Medicus. Her name is Beatriz. I am now more than four months pregnant and she took it in to consideration that we would be trying to get pregnant, were also...