Apartments - long term, no guarantia


Oct 3, 2005
Since I started my blog Moving to Argentina, I have received emails
on a consistent basis asking for solutions or ideas in finding
long-term apartments at rates less than tourist rentals, but without
the requirement for a guarantia. I know what this feels like because my
husband and I went through it when we moved here from Miami and so, I
ended up helping a few people find apartments or houses. After much thinking, my
Argentine friend and I have decided to devote more time to helping
people find rentals that may or may not be at locals prices, but are
certainly much more flexible about price, guarantia and length of
rentals. If you're looking for something like this feel free to drop us
an email and we'll see what we can do to help.Laura [email protected]
Why didn't I think of that?Tell us more about that, are you like just being a nice person and helping people out or are you charging people on an hourly basis or if you sucseed?How does that all work? I bet there's alot of people that would gladly fork over some $'s to somebody willing to assist them with these types of matters.
Hi Since you didn't answer my reply I took a look at your site and the information on it regarding renting in Argentina and to be honest it's not what I thought it would be, looks to me like you're doing practicly the same things as everyone else really. Am I mistaken?
Elpanada, I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to reply to you, I only check the forum once a week or so. What is your point? What exactly are you looking for? Who are you talking about when you speak of "everybody else"? Our focus is exactly what I said it was. We are focused on no more and no less than helping other expats find non-garantia rentals. We are not focused on tourist rentals which is what most other people are focused on. No it is not gratis, we will ask people that we help for a fair commission...when we are successful in finding them something. I think that is only fair. We are drawing upon our experiences as an expat and a local, understanding what it feels like to be in this situation as well as understanding the local market and rental laws. I'm sorry if you don't see the difference.If you would like a recommendation from someone we've already worked with I can refer you to the new director of the Lycee Jean Mermoz Franco-Argentine school in Belgrano, who we found a place for, without a garantia as they were awaiting their final papers and needed to rent before arriving here.
Thank you for your questions and for the opportunity to clarify what I think makes us different. Laura Langlois Zurro www expatrentalsba com
I paid less in the US than all those places. You might think about americas city to city economy before claiming your offering a great deal.
"staygolden" said:
I paid less in the US than all those places. You might think about americas city to city economy before claiming your offering a great deal.
We never said our prices are the cheapest, and you should consider the fact that most owners do not like to rent without garantia, and without having a chance to get a credit report, or any other background information about their foreign tenant. That being said, you should also think that it is actually the landlord who asks for a rental price, and not the real estate agent, maybe in the US they are more considerate, I don´t know. We can get you a nice and decent place to live, and deal directly with the owners, even try to make a counter offer to them, and assure you that the owner is the real owner, no scams as many expats suffered, or we can send you to a dump hole really cheap and with no garantias too.I noticed a slightly higher rental pricing in the US while at SF, CA payed 1500 usd monthly for a room..... do you really think it is cheaper???