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    Paying "expensas" by wire transfer from US bank?

    Anyone need help with bring usd to arg..i guess i can help
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    India To Argentina Do I Need Yellow Fever Vaccination?

    Hi, does entering to Argentina from India will they ask me yellow fever certificate? Has anyone has recent experience entering Argentina and was asked yellow fever in migration.
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    Hi, I could not find any clear answer on sending money out of argentina and I need to get things right. So if you are working and getting paid in argentina(en blanco) does your normal bank allow transfering money out of argentina and is there any limit also how smooth the process is.
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    Flight Ticket And Temporary Residency

    Hi All, I searched the forum but did not find any concrete answer for this. I have a temporary Residency with DNI, and I want to buy local flight ticket from BUE to Cordoba. Do some one has an experience travelling with Temporary Residency ,do the charges are different for Argentinians and...
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    Bbq, Wasabi, Thai Chili And Smoked Peanuts!

    Hi. where these are available ??
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    Tramites - Transferring Money From My Salary Account

    Hi, I got to know that there is a process to transfer money in official rate to the home country from the Salary account upto a fixed limit every month. However I dont know where to do the process at AFIP , bank or at my company. Is there any experience to share.. thanks, Shoeb
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    Have Temporary Residencey Visa. To Bring My Future Spouse

    Hi , if someone can share me their knowledge o experience. I have a temporary Residency Visa of Argentina, i will be getting married in India and would like to bring my wife with me. However I dont know by which Visa she can come, will it be a Tourist Visa or there is some special Visa for...
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    It Finally Happened To Me -- My Ipad And Laptop Were Stolen.

    Sorry to hear that, Wonder if you would not have sold your Pacsafe bag probably you still would have been in the Elite gang. Get a trip to Cordoba, nice mountains and lakes nearby...
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    Expats In San Isidro

    I am in for weekends...
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    Expats In San Isidro

    hey , seems like lot of people near San isidro. Never met anyone of you before, I live just near to Station of San isidro. If you all agree, let us plan a meetup this week. Suggest some place.
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    Obama's Choice For Arg Ambassador.....$ Buys The Post?

    Amazing....well I thought Ambassadors were real gentlemen and worked there way upward. It just builds up my thinking that positions are fake, money too, lfestyle too....reality is USD to peso is 12.6
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    Ipad Repair - Zona Norte

    I think this is the no. 11 60003419 , his Card was lost. Just to inform he speaks english...
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    Ipad Repair - Zona Norte

    I just replaced my iPhone screen , there is a drastic difference in prices. Novotech authorised dealer of apple quoted 2000pesos. While a small shop in Martinez hipolito yrigoyen 115 replaced it for 500 pesos.. Amazing .. Check out if you want to save some money
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    Moving To Ba In February With The Family... From Nyc

    San Isidro is an amazing place to live, been here for last 6months, visited most of the areas here in the late night too and never felt unsafe. I dont know how La cava affects this area. But I must say its an amazing area, nice fresh winds from River, lot of trees covering the street, all...
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    Vegetable Steamer - Experience

    Guys I need this as one of my friend do not have Gas in his shop. So to go for electrodomesticos, they show in advertisement that vegetable Steamer can cook Rice, I just want to confirm the same.