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    HeinikenCup Rugby Game, Sat

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea where they might be showing the Heinekin cup final this saturday?ie in what pub? If so, let me know as i need to see MUNSTER win! Thanks
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    health service info

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about the health service here? i just want to get a normal check-up and wondering how the system works here? are there walk-in services where you can see a doctor, or one must go to the hospital? (as the locals tell me to do). Any advise would be great,
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    Hi, yes I'm one of those newcomers that´s encouraged to write something about themselves..well i'm Irish, so not sure about that comment from Napoleon (is that a reference, by the way, to your physical stature, by any chance!?) Anyway, will be in BA for only 7 weeks, learning a bit more...