health service info

Does anyone know anything about the health service here? i just want to get a normal check-up and wondering how the system works here? are there walk-in services where you can see a doctor, or one must go to the hospital? (as the locals tell me to do). Any advise would be great,
"then get a monthly plan. -/+ 250 for a half decent plan."
Are you saying that you would need to pay +/- AR$250/mo? WOW! That's not cheap.
I'm probably going to need my 6 month cleaning fairly soon. Anyone have suggestions for someone they don't mind scratching gunk off of their teeth near their gums?
you dont need to pay 250 pesos, thats ridiculous. OSDE are quite expensive but good because they cover most hospitals in most of Argentina so its worth it...and you can get it less than 200 pesos a month. Still not so cheap, if anyone knows any for cheaper then tell me!