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    Erotic act in chamber of deputies session

    Apparently his internet connection was bad, going in and out (no pun intended). I guess you have to be careful with the titter in those circumstances. Had to look that one up. Funny. Made me laugh.
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    For those of you who are good or bad is your Castellano accent?

    I've said this before in this forum when you had asked the same question: when Dustin is using porteño slang, words and phrases he knows very well, his accent is very good. But if you go to YouTube and watch a TV interview with him, his accent is not so good because in a real conversation he's...
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    September Flights

    I rebooked my Delta flight for the same dates in November but now I'm going through Santiago on the outbound and I'm returning via New York on Aerolíneas on Nov. 30. I sure hope Aerolíneas is flying from JFK by then. You never know, though, especially with Aerolíneas and with this current govt...
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    September Flights

    Delta Airlines just cancelled the flight I had with them from Eze to Atlanta on Nov. 2. A sign of things to come here in Arg? I saw today that other airlines have cancelled flights until Oct. 12, I think it was, because they had gotten no word from the govt yet about a restart date.
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    Thanks so much, Camel. Your honesty and candor about the trials and tribulations of your path to citizenship is a real contribution to this community.
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    Thanks a lot for all your posts on this subject. I have been coming here since 1996 on the average twice a year, have no irregularities on my record, and now have permanent residency. I don't know that I will ever apply for citizenship but I think it's important to be as clear as possible about...
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    Thanks for your reply. Is it true, though, that it takes those with overstays, visaruns, etc.(irregularities but not major issues like the cases you mention above) longer to get citizenship than those who have played by the rules and also gotten permanent residency? And if it take those with...
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    Please let us know at some point why those were "zombie" cases and how long they ended up taking. I think people would like to know what they are up against and how long it might take, even though it sounds like you are saying it's going to take less time now.
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    Anti-government protesters defy virus lockdown to rally

    I guess democratic institutions like the justice system don't matter to you.
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    "The Political Plot and The Economic Lobby Behind the Vaccine"

    Interesting that those two rag sheets and their reporters win international journalism awards every year. Would their center-right editorial line have anything to do with your evaluation? Do you consider Página 12 an example of good journalism here?
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    Citizenship timeline

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but in other threads about citizenship I seem to remember discussion about the courts giving precedence- basically processing much more quickly- the applications of those that had played by the rules (no visa overstays or visa runs) and those that had first gotten...
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    US recipients of SS payments

    Just wanted to share our experience. I called the IRS yesterday and had to wait only between five and ten minutes. A super nice young man assisted me. Our first checks were mailed on May 5 to Argentina, were returned to the IRS, reissued and mailed again to Argentina the first part of July...
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    Can you apply for a Work/Student Visa after entering on a Tourist Visa?

    My wife and I did all the paperwork in 2016 for a rentista residency through the Argentine consulate in our city. I'm glad we went that route. They were super helpful and allowed me to do all the translations myself, no certified translator needed, unlike in Argentina. I think it's a much easier...
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    Are you illegal while waiting for residency?

    Can't you go to the nearest police station and tell them you need a certificado de domicilio and they'll come by your house/apt in a few days and give you one? Also, if I'm not mistaken, Artisan said that he uploaded a bill with his name and address and that they accepted that. I will tell you...