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    The Longest Word

    When I was a youngster (I think at the age of thirteen) I "learned" (probably in Sunday school) that the longest word in English contains 12 syllables: The word antidisestablishmentarianism contains 28 letters and 12 syllables (an-ti-dis-es-tab-lish-ment-ar-i-an-is-m). And it can be found at...
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    This is great information!! Is being an "informal Argentine" (with a citizenship case pending) better in any respect than being a temporary of permanent resident (who would have a DNI). Does starting the case immediately afer arrival provide the applicant with "protection" from actions (such...
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    Based on what Bajo-cero2 has perviously posted, applying for citizenship "right away"as a tourist doesn't appear to be an option. You may be able to start the process without "legal residency" (and with a lawyer) after one year, but it's apparently up to each judge whether or not to proceed with...
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    Visa Inversionista

    Yes, that's the one. However, before you jump through all the hoops to get the visa retintista, I suggest you read more about the tax liability that comes with it, including the bienes personales which is an annual tax on your worldwide assets, in particular, whatever generates your monthly...
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    On August 13, 2020 (in the "Citizenship timeline" thread), Bajo_cero2 posted: "An internation passport is granted only with full citizenship." You can read the full thread here: PS: I'm not certain if "second class...
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    On August 10, 2020, in the now closed to further replies thread "Citizenship timeline" Bajo_cero2 posted that there is a "second class" citizenship that does not include political rights: "If you are planing to stay long and go for citizenship, forget about visas. ou can apply for citizenship...
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    Actually, based on my own experience, permanent residents of Argentina are "obligated" to vote in all but the presidential elections. The only "obvious" thing that immediately comes to mind regarding things a permanent resident can't do (as opposed to an Argentine citizen) is obtain an...
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    Tips for getting settled in BA

    This post will no doubt "excite" others who would like to "move" to Buenos Aires and work remotely, so it would be helpful to know if you actually have a "job" with a company that is registerd with AFIP to conduct business in Argentina and, if so, is the company you will be working for taking...
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    Moving household items from B.A. to NY

    Other members have posted that, because they did not have residency and a DNI, that they were unable to ship their houshold goods out of the country when leaving. Obvioulsy, a liviing person with a DNI would have to be the sender of the items. A despanchante aduana (customs broker) would be...
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    Western Union money transfer

    This morning's rate is $167.55. That just about equals the "all time high" set last year...just before the rate was "driven" back down to about $135. I don't think we'll see a similar decline this time.
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    Bringing food into the country from the US

    Anything you ship will be subject to import fees (50%?) and you may also be charged the same fee on the shipping costs.
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    Multi-year Spanish School; Citizenship

    Migraciones does not grant "muti-year" student visas. You will have to renew the temporary student visa (at least) on an annual basis and then apply for citizenship after you have been in Argentina for at least one year (if not two).
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    American-style sweatpants

    Perhaps something like this? Name brands with a logo cost much more!
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    Tango in the Time of Covid

    As far as I know, there is only one commercial tangueria in Bahia Blanca and it's on the market:
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    Western Union money transfer

    If it was actually possible to go to a WU location in Argentina, present your own US bank debit card and tell them how many dollars you want to transfer, the amount of pesos you would receive could be more than 30% less than if you initiated the transfer on line using the WU website in the USA...