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    Quarantine envy

    I am lucky to have a partner and am able to dance at home. It is not the same though, I miss the milongas and all the lovely ladies I dance with.
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    Refrigerator recommendations?

    When I moved in I bought he cheapest Patrick fridge. I don't know who or how, but the freezer compartment door was broken and the main door also got broken. I patched it up and still carried on using it. I got eleven years of use from it. I have now replaced it with a Gafa. My only advice would...
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    Tango me.... Just came up on my facebook. I took classes with him in 2004, so he by no means new to it and as I remember Valeria spoke English
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    Customer service - lack of

    My wife always said I could start a war with myself.
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    Customer service - lack of

    Back to the UK again, my friend took his very old clock to an expensive Jewellers in Chester. The girl there turned her nose up. He was a smart guy, he said to her "Love, I don't work in a shop"
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    Customer service - lack of

    You must remember that Argentines are Italians who speak Spanish and want to be British, so you must accept British levels of customer service.
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    5G is coming to Argentina

    Personally I am more concerned about the pollution from vehicles. Every day there is a film of black on the floors of my apartment. you are more likely to die of lung cancer or Copd. Studies have shown that if you live close to a major highway you are ten times more likely to get Alzheimer's...
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    5G is coming to Argentina

    5G has a range of about one kilometer. People in my country are buying phones with 5G, Most places do not even receive a 1st gen signal. It is all hype to make the stupid buy more phones. Take a look at a map of my country and decide...
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    Tango me....

    I agree with Medialuna, many of the group classes will not teach the fundementals, how to walk, how to lead, how to deal with a follower who does not get what you have led, how to deal with different music. The list goes on, most will just teach you moves. Sorry I cannot help more as I did most...
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    Returns dolar turista

    I am not going to argue with you here, but I think perhaps Fascism has killed more, maybe hard to prove either way.
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    Euro or Dollar?

    Try Azimo, the rate is better than any Bank or Cambio. You pick the money up at a local office.
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    Favourite tango classics

    Loving this thread, especially the D'Arienzo and Di Sarli. My all time favourite though is Café Dominguez D'Agostino. guess I like artists starting with a D.
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    MercadoPago app without DNI

    You can reload Sube cards at any Subte station just ask at the booths, as for other bills, just use Pagofacil.
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    What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?

    This may be the case, in theory. But as you know the law here is all in the eyes of the interpreter. Last year our friend sent us several copies of The Week and they ended up stuck in customs. The next lot arrived safely.