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    Favourite tango classics

    Loving this thread, especially the D'Arienzo and Di Sarli. My all time favourite though is Café Dominguez D'Agostino. guess I like artists starting with a D.
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    MercadoPago app without DNI

    You can reload Sube cards at any Subte station just ask at the booths, as for other bills, just use Pagofacil.
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    What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?

    This may be the case, in theory. But as you know the law here is all in the eyes of the interpreter. Last year our friend sent us several copies of The Week and they ended up stuck in customs. The next lot arrived safely.
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    Can you send me details of the fridge please?

    Can you send me details of the fridge please?
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    Again that was my understanding, but knowing how things here change by the day and by whoever you are dealing with at the time, my stance is to just ignore it until the time comes. What you say is probably true today my information is ten years old, who knows what will be the case when I come to...
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    You are the guy that knows Perry, but I can't help but wonder at all the constructors. Surely they expect to sell? Many have held on to plots since 2001 and are now building. There are three vacant plots on my block alone now being built on. I would be interested in your take on this.
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    I think he was working on my being here 3 months of the year.
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    I have often thought along those lines, it may be true, but I am Anglo Saxon and like having my own place. The answer will only be known when I sell and that is not something I see happening in the near future. For what I paid I could have bought a seaside caravan on Anglesey, it would be after...
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    There is a wealth tax of 1% PA, not applicable if you have less than $250,000 and DNI. No DNI you pay on everything. When you come to sell they will assume that when you were not here, you rented and tax you accordingly. As for rents. To rent out to Turistas ( The only way you will get $1000...
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    I have read these posts with interest. I know some on this site have made money on the property market here, but to do that you need to be on the spot and at specific times. If like me you live away I would only say this, "do not buy with money you are not ready to loose". There is a big tax...
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    Good luck with that, but if I can offer just a little advice; you can send your passport number as numero de document. That is what I always use when asked, but I have always failed to get into the big concerts, usually you have to be registered with one of the telephone companies.
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    Argentina is expensive. Really don't know how middle class here get by

    I think it may be a global problem, but with inflation at over 40% saving by any means is all but impossible.
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    Teaching English in Buenos Aires

    Join the queue. There are more hopeful English teachers here than Tango teachers.
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    Am I just unlucky?

    In ten years here in Almagro, I have only seen one crime. It is all about being with and like the locals. That said, in the so called safe areas, Palermo, Recoletta and Micro centro, I have been manhandled and had many attempts to rob me. The thing is; the ladrones know where the touristas hang...
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    Who plans to live in Buenos Aires permanently and why?

    I have visited since 2004 and bought an apartment in 2008. I always intended to stay permanently when I retired. Reality took over though, just doing the day to day stuff can drive you nuts. We send mail, for instance, to the UK. one guy in the Correo just puts a stamp on it and it is done...