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    Importing art and/or medication into Argentina

    Importing any medication is very difficult. I haven’t tried, but have stood in line behind someone who was trying to get her vitamins. Before you try you should get a step by step instruction from aduana. Even then, who knows. Hopefully someone with actual experience can weigh in on the matter.
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    CUIL vs CUIT ?

    The corrections question is, do you need a QUIT? Are planning on being self employed? And paying Monotributo. Otherwise you will not be issued a QUIT. It isn’t a requirement to have one.
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    Machismo and Gender Equality in Argentina

    Your not doing a great job of explaining how you want to be addressed. I assume that you want to be addressed as they, them, their, theirs and themselves (alternatively themself) Is that so?
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    Prenuptial agreement valid?

    When I bought a house here, with money from my parents, my husband co-signed the contract saying that it was just mine. The car is just in my name. He didn’t have to co-sign anything there.
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    Amazon Prime ordering

    Where is your delivery address? I tried to open an account but they wouldn’t send to me in Patagonia. So I tried my father in law’s address next to el obelisco but I still couldn’t open an account. We had a very frustrating week trying to figure out how to best buy snow shoes. In the end we...
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    Amazon Prime ordering

    When I ordered, even though it was let year, I got my large order in several packages. It looked like they came from different warehouses. There is no import tax to be payed. The packages came through with correo argentina. It took 20 days to be delivered to Patagonia. They come in a sturdy...
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    What do. Argentinian doctors prescribe flu symptoms

    I take qura plus. I can’t remember if it was recommended by a doctor or a pharmacist. But it hasn’t got a night pill so sleeping can be difficult if you misjudge the last pill in the afternoon. If it’s just a wet cough I take...
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    What About Birth Tourism In Argentina

    They send someone to the address that you gave to see in they can get you. If they can’t they assume you don’t live in the country. That’s why it is important to give them your current address and if you change let them know. I made the mistake of giving them my parents address, a house that we...
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    How to buy something from Amazon?

    You must have a tax number to pay the taxes. I would suggest that you go talk to the customs agent on the second floor of the post office in the city center. In Moreno 175. He is very nice, but not flexible. He will inform you of the rules but not bend them for you. If anyone has experience...
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    massive power failure

    For once we were the lucky ones. Villa la Angostura is not on the national grid. All the same, we have emergency lights in the house that are connected to a car battery. Once we had a two days power it because the truck with the fuel for the generator was stuck in a roadblock.
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    How did you get over the last threshold to fluency in Spanish?

    I didn’t. I came to Argentina thinking that I was going to really immerse myself and that there was no bigger failure than making obvious mistakes. But, I came with a three week old baby, got an English speaking job very quickly and decided to speak Swedish to my children.... There was no time...
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    Moving money within the country

    At the end my husband went with her to the bank. She is elderly and they feel that they shut her down because of that. When he got there with her the manager got all defensive and said that he was already joining the money for her. There are always alternatives, we sure have one here, but she...
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    Moving money within the country

    The discussion started because a mutual friend was told by our local bank that they would not be able to withdraw the money from the bank incase the next seller wanted cash... and she was wondering what to do to be safe. The bank says that they can’t move that much dollars to our tiny town...
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    Moving money within the country

    I’m having a conversation with my Argentine mother in law and I can’t believe what she is telling me. According to her you CAN’T travel with money in cash from the sale of an apartment within Argentina. Even if you have the paperwork. Is there a law like that? Anyone who knows?
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    Week holiday with family in September Bariloche/Salta

    As mmoon says, it’s best to have a car in Bariloche, or Villa la Angostura. When are you planning to travel? The month of May is not the best month to go to Villa. It rains... Bariloche is a bit better, it’s further away from the mountains. Any other time I’ll always recommend this part of...