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    Choosing health care for newcomers

    Having lived here most of my life, I've come to the conclusion that no one really likes their prepaid health coverage that much. However, now as a work responsibility I need to find coverage for a family of five (parents 40 years old, three children 16, 11, and 9 years) and a single man (age 33)...
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    stevia vs sugar

    Do chain's stay open after almost a year? If so, thank you for the information, FVPMD, concerning sucrose's being the chemical name for sugar. Concerning stevia, I usually have mine brought in from Bolivia. While on vacation in Sucre several years ago, I surveyed their pharmacies and central...
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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    It’s really unfortunate you would have to do go through all of those changes just because you opt for the “painless” process of becoming a citizen. It would be easier traveling to some countries like Cuba as an Argentine, but maybe I just won’t go there. Thanks for helping me think this through...
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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    Any hospital, clinic or health plan you are associated with, in my case this is already several places. A new one would keep popping up. I'm evaluating if it's worth the effort just to be able to vote in presidential elections. Thanks to all of you for helping me think it through.
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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    I talked with two naturalized citizens, one born in India and the other in Peru. They both received new numbers. So, I won’t do it. I don’t want to have to change my DNI number everywhere it’s written down, often in digital records.
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    Phone In U.s.

    There's no best option for having a U.S. number. I've found just using an ATT chip works for me for a month or so. The only problem is that every time you go back to the States to visit, you have to buy a new chip and they give you a different number. I tried a virtual chip from two...
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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    A question for anyone who's gone through the naturalisation process in Argentina. After becoming a citizen do they give you a new DNI number, one that doesn't identify you as a foreign resident by starting with the number "9"? I've considered taking out citizenship for a long time, since this is...
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    Using my US debit card in Argentina.

    With a debit card the trick is for it to be an Argentine one in pesos. But first do what IMHO says about paying yourself from your US bank using Western Union (I've never tried that but do something similar) to get a better exchange rate. Get an Argentine bank account, sometimes you can do this...
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    As an American citizen who lives in Buenos Aires, not in the United States, I'm wondering how to go about getting a REAL ID document, since this will be eventually needed for travel in the U.S.....?
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    Peñas folklóricas that don't start late at night?

    Thanks. It's actually a little late but I'll keep it in mind...
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    Peñas folklóricas that don't start late at night?

    As a lover of Argentine folk music, I'd enjoy visiting a peña but want to find one that doesn't start so late at night. Does anyone know of one? Thanks!
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    Pensión Universal

    ANSES has given me an appointment for February 1 to apply for the "pensión universal." Does anyone know what to take to the interview with them? I have the documentation from the immigrations office to prove my being over 65 and an Argentine resident for over twenty years, and of course an...
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    Introducing myself

    Muchas gracias! Por ahora no podría ir, pero si renueva la lista más adelante sí.
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    Introducing myself

    Hello to everyone in this forum. I'm Tomás Banks, born in the U.S., but lived here most of my life. I've learned that expats often have information that "locals" do not. For example, where can I find a peña folklórica that plays during the day, not beginning at midnight? Where can I find...