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    There is something I don't get...

    citygirl: I am in Orlando now but have been in BA and will be back in September. You probably have been in Arg for a long time and you know the ups and downs, but do you continue to bitch daily about everything that is wrong with Arg?
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    There is something I don't get...

    Aleli - well said my dear. I have been reading the forum from Orlando for a long time now and all I read is complaints and more complaints about the way of life and the government. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!
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    Lan Vs Aerolineas

    I will fly LAN anytime instead of Aerolineas. LAN has great service and their check-in/out is outstanding.
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    Happy Xmas to one and all

    I want to wish all the expats a holiday happiness, a Christmastime cheer and good and happy things all through the coming year. I spent a wonderful evening at Disney's Yatch Club Steakhouse enjoying a wonderful filet mignon with a 2005 Meeker Merlot from Sonoma County California. After that...
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    Orca Watching in Patogonia?

    BKK to BA - the orcas at SeaWorld in Orlando, San Antonio and California were born in the parks and not brought in from the wild. We have 8 in Orlando and they are very happy with their constant well being attention.
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    How much are your ´expensas ´?

    This is one of the reasons that expats or soon to be expats think about "its time to leave Dodge" in the US. If I have to pay what you are paying I would be laughing to the bank every month. My breakdown is as follows: US$1800.00 monthly for Mortgage US$201.00 monthly for Home Insurance...
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    Orca Watching in Patogonia?

    Lucky me! I work part-time at SeaWorld Orlando Shamu Stadium and have the opportunity to be with them as they perform, eat, have their blood and urine specimens taken, interact and seldom get wet in their 11c water temp.
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    Newbie to All Things Argentina!

    Is this a dream Che? Are you really prepared for the big jump from WA to BA or love is the main reason? I'll rather have a cortado con medialunas in Zurich or Felfort.
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    BA Expensive??? - Help!!

    Roberto, Congratulations as a Yankee in the World Series! You CAN live in BA a lot cheaper than in the US. Take it from me after spending three weeks there this September and already making my plans for a near future move to BA. If you pay $2700 for an apt in Manhattan and earn around...
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    Thank you!

    Howard and wife: Hang in there my boy, everything will be ok on the long run. It is the shock of a different life, but it will accomodate you and your loved oned with time. I am in Orlando now and continue to read the forum in order to be prepared and more informative of what is expected. I...
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    Columbia and Venezuela ready for War

    Don't wait for it! Hugo Chavez and his boy scouts will never attack Colombia. He can talk big, but he won't act - he is afraid the US will jump in and make him a fool. His troops lack training, his equipment, although fresh from Russia is a new toy for them and they are still playing with it...
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    Compulsory health care paymemnts for expats?

    The plan going to the Senate is DOA. The US Congress, a cesspool of liars, thieves, inside traders, traitors, drunks, criminals, and other low level swine who, as individuals will do anything to enhance their lives, fortunes and power, all at the expense of the People of the USA and its...
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    Any ex pats over 40 here ?

    Liam - don't worry, in the near future we will be there and we are over 40 (surely senior citizens). We follow your footsteps real close. See ya!
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    Gotan Project Last Tango In Paris

    Hola pericles, While there in September we heard the Gotan music being played in Corrientes all the time. We bought the Gotan Project Live (La Revancha del Tango y Lunatico Tour). We play that outloud when we are using the threadmill at home and it is awesome!
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    From Tourist to Future Resident

    Hello everyone, My wife and I recently visited BsAs for the first time and we must say that a permanent return is being planned. At this time we reside in Orlando, Florida but find that the US is changing for the worst and action must be taken before it is too late. We are both retired...