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    Earth Day / El Dia de la Tierra

    Just one day in celebration of the Earth.
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    Studying in BA for 4 weeks

    Hola Genna, in terms of how much you could achieve in Spanish in one month starting from close to zero, I think I can speak from the experience of having worked with so many students and seen their progressions that other than taking classes daily and staying with a local family (which...
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    The Art of the Kiss

    This is really well-done! We'll definitely pass it around.
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    Mexican restaurant?

    A Mexican friend living here once told me Frida Kahlo in Belgrano is the best you can get in the city. Haven't tried it yet, but he might have said it for a reason...
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    10k runs and half marathons

    There are no issues using MP3 / iPods in the BA Marathon, unless Liam or Alzinho see you then you may have an issue!! This is another good site for up and coming runs Anyone looking to train the Vamos Spanish running group meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings for runs in Palermo Parks. All...
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    Stereotypes - what was yours?

    Before moving to live in Argentina did you have a stereotypical view of a 'typical' Porteno? What was it? Did you have an illusion of what life would be like here? Did anything happen to shatter this preconceived view?
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    Different brazil visa problem

    The Brazilain Consulate in BsAs will takae around 3 - 4 business days to issue the visa, that is if all your paperwork is in order (ticket in/out of country, proof of funds etc) In Puerto Iguazu you can get a visa in a day. You MUST go first thing in the morning and it will be done by that...
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    Any English Bookstore

    SBS is another chain selling books in foreign languages. you can check the stores here: imported&new english books are really overpriced in argentina -taxes issues i guess. when it comes to used books, there's usually a wide variety in the weekend markets of parque...
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    in my opinion, the best places are -la paceña (already mentioned) -con estilo colonial: buen provecho!
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    Argentine Movie Recommendations

    i love "buenos aires viceversa", "historias extraordinarias", "la ciénaga", "la mujer sin cabeza", "la antena" and "balnearios". enjoy!
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    i recommend these 2 places: i use them often and get really good stuff.
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    Where to buy good yoga mats?

    i used to practise ashtanga here in belgrano: and they sell good mats!
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    Vegetarian Restaurant

    my favourite ones (and not previously mentioned) are: sattva: reina kunti: siempre verde: buen provecho!!
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    Más Spanish Course for busy expats!

    We have had a great response this month for our weekly group classes and will be continuing the course in April. This course is designed to continue learning while you still have time for your other obligations. It lasts 4 weeks, 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-5:30pm...
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    Bargain group Spanish class

    We had a great response from this special offer and will continue this over ALL LANGUAGE LEVELS. Send a message to and mention this post and you can enjoy our group classes for only US$100