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    ATM - No cash dispensed but charged anyway

    if you are a tourist ( like me) and you need to leave before you sort that out, then you let your own bank to sort it out. They have a responsibility to do that when you do a reclamation.
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    Polo at the Hippodrome Sat, 18 Apr (tmw)

    Hi there, where are these games played? Sorry, I did not catch it here. If there is game near by I would like to go too.
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    Nice that you found him. In general I would say that he is way better than these local factories. But last time I was not totally pleased. I feel my hair is now too blond (again) and not really cut to any model. But hey, I'm going back home next week and to my own hairdresser, so I do not need...
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    Saturday 11.4. any happening?

    Hello there, Any of you expats going out on Saturday? If you are, could we meet in some of your joints? Please, not too early, only after 21:00. See you, I hope!
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    Sounds weird but: some Tampax available

    Hi there, weird topic to discuss in internet but it has been taken up here before. It is impossible to find Tampax in this city, or at least that is my experience. Anyway, I'm flying back home in the end of the month. And I have 1,5 pack of Tampax Super that I do not need. Is there anyone who...
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    Bras: big cup sizes

    Having visiting about 40 shops looking for E-cup I would agree with previous ones, bring bras for all of your stay!!!!! They must sell them somewhere but so far I have not located those shops. When you ask "do you have big sizes" they say that sure, it really means D-cup at max, nothing bigger...
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    Common Attire

    I live in Palermo and work in Micro centro and walk around the city everywhere and my opinion is that people wear here practically anything and everything. In our office (high tech company) you can see people in suits (men) and dresses (women) but also in jeans and t-shirts + flip flops. Same...
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    Salta Information

    I would suggest you just buy tickets to Salta and reserve first night at the hotel. Then once you are there you can find plenty of agencies that make day tours to Jujuy mountains or even if you want couple of days tours. If you do not like crowds there are also some private guides / drivers who...
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    A Challenge for you

    I'm pretty sure that if you can't swim that far the cheapest option will be a freight vessel. But I do not know if there is anyone leaving exactly on that date. You could check Buenos Aires Herald for vessel schedules and then call those companies. Sorry, I'm not at the moment up to challenge...
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    Tandoor Indian restaurant: disappointing

    I do not even remember the prices there but I was also very dissappointed with the food, the only time I visited the place in December. Never again! If anyone knows really good Indian place in BsAs please let me know too.
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    Practising spanish

    RWS: if I wanted to hire a tutor where I could find one? Any idea what kind of price they charge per hour? I really want to learn to talk but I feel a bit shamed to just go and meet a local since at this moment I feel I would not be able to say much. The words are still hiding somewhere in my...
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    Practising spanish

    Can you advice where to find someone to practise spanish with? I know there has been some advice here before but could not figure out search words to find them. I have studied spanish a little very long ago. Now I have spent here already over 3 months but have to admit that have not been really...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    Sorry for not posting this experience earlier. I did go to Cerini and again my experince was horrible. The girl who was assigned to color my hair did not speak one word of english. They found one girl there who did and with her we discussed how I want to have similar color as my previous one...
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    Good massage (fysiotherapy)

    I just now noticed that I have received more answers still. I did reach Louise and was happy with her services. She is really good even though she did not solve my problem yet. Here is her web page In case someone else is still looking..,
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    I'm now booked to Cerini for this afternoon. If that is again bad experience I will try out either Claudia or Ryan. Keep your thumbs up so that this time it works out. First time was so bad that I almost burst out crying right there at salon. I will report my experience here later.