10/10 Japanese Culture Tertulia


Oct 9, 2007
Tomorrow after 8pm, I will be in a resto bar called
Zum Zum - Niceto Vega 5500 esq. Humbolt- Palermo Hollywood

so if you want to talk with me and some of my Argentinian and Japanese freinds in Spanish, English, and also in Japanese about Japan, Japanese language, Japanese Culture,
or some Japanese Experience in Argentina, please show up there and talk with some drink and/or food.
or if you want to show your experience with Japan and Japanese people also welcome. Answer and ask here or send email to
[email protected]

PD I am a Japanese teacher, translator, interpreter, and
sometimes give intercultural seminars for Argentinian
Business men or Spanish teachers.
Hello, Konnichiwa!
Here is the report of the last Tertulia on 10/10. Actually some took part in after 11 pm, and we left there 1 am, as we are in Buenos Aires. Now, I am going to organize the next reunion on oct. 24 after 8pm until what o'clock???? I do not know.
http://blog.livedoor.jp/zumzumbar/ - please check 12/10 enter.

In any way Tonight -17/10 - I am going to have a mexican dinner with some freinds if you want to get togther, you are welcome! but I am getting there after 10 pm...
Dewa mata See you!