Brazilian Reciprocity Fee Returns in October for US/Canada/Australia/Japanese Citizens


Aug 2, 2021
Looks like Lula has decided to re-implement the reciprocity (retaliation fee as it used to get nicknamed here) for Visitors to Brazil starting in October

Visitors from the following countries will be required to pay the following fee, assuming the structure is the same as

USA - $160
Australia - $120
Canada - $80
Japan - $80

There is further reporting that it will not be as cumbersome as it was previously, rather taking a middle of the road approach via an eVisa
in which citizens of the above countries can do everything online in a similar manner as Argentina previously, and countries like Turkey,
India, and Vietnam practice today.

We'll have to see if the EU's ETIAS scheme (similar to the US' ESTA and Canada's eTA) will result in EU citizens paying fees for visiting Brazil
in 2024 when it's expected to come online.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations, those of us from the above mentioned countries who have DNIs WILL need to hold a visa or eVisa to enter Brazil:

3) Los extranjeros con residencia regular en Argentina:

a) si nacionales de países para los cuales no se exige visa, podrán ingresar a Brasil con DNI de extranjero valido, en buen estado de conservación con foto que permita reconocer al titular;

b) si nacionales de países para los cuales la visa es exigida, deberán ingresar a Brasil con pasaporte de su nacionalidad y visa correspondiente.
The "reporting" from "handyvisas" appears to be incorrect. To obtain the visa you need to mail your passport to the consulate in the US. Not worth the hassle and risk imo..
That link is instructions for people residing in US, who are also living closest to Boston. If you are already here in Argentina, the instructions are certainly different.
"5) The Consulate-General of Brazil in Boston only accepts applications from residents of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Applications from residents of other states will be returned without processing."
I realize that. I posted that link because it is in english. Here is the consulate info in Argentina. I will be in country but not in bsas long enough so I have no options as they require an interview.. They claim it is an "eVisa" because you enter the info online, but you still have to get your visa stamped in person prior to travel. You still have to book your flight and hotel before you find out if you get accepted or denied. They are asking for bank info ect. I consider that pretty cumbersome and will just head to a more friendly destination or extend my stay in Mar Del Plata in Nov unless things are relaxed between now and Oct1. 😅
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I consider that pretty cumbersome and will just head to a more friendly destination or extend my stay in Mar Del Plata in Nov
Good idea to do it in Mar del Plata if you have a planned trip there. Years ago I got my visa (now expired) in person without much delay at the Brazil Consulate in Mendoza.
There is not consulate in Mar Del Plata just saying I may just avoid going to Brazil