2 or 1 br apartment wanted, Dec 09 to Feb 10


Oct 10, 2009
Brit couple looking for a two-bedroom apartment -- or large one-bedroom -- from early December 09 to mid/late February 10.

Requirements: Fast-ish wireless internet, and some (sunny?) outside space (even a balcony would be acceptable).

Location: within about 1km of Jardin Botánico.

And in a perfect world, a low-ish floor of an older-style building. But now I'm just being fussy.

Two years ago we found a great place like this near Parque Las Heras for about $1000 a month (unfortunately not available at any price now), but understand that now we're likely to be paying more like $1500. Does this sound realistic?

We'd like to book in the next few days. Any leads gratefully received.
our goal is to move to a different barrio every 6 months, so i have made a hobby of looking at temporary rental sites...i have found over 24 sites with hundreds of listings... the biggest are Bytargentina.com, 4rentargentina.com, enbuenosaires.com, and alsolbaires.com. i just did a quick search on two of these sites for the neighborhood of las canitas (i think that is where you are talking about) and i found over 300 listings befow $1,000 a month. its seems to me that over the last year prices of rent have slowly been going down not up... and if you do find your dream place with a patio, for under 1,000, please let me know and we will rent it in feb. when you leave!
Thanks, We found somewhere via bytargentina.com and I hope to reserve it on Monday.