2010 teaching positions in Pilar


Oct 4, 2009
Hey everyone!
Im Veronica, I work for a school in Pilar (Ruta 8 km 60 approx)
We are always looking for teachers.
If any of you have a teaching degree or any teaching experience I'd like to hear from you.
As you probably know teaching is not really well paid in Argentina, but the school offers a nice working environment and the kids are mostly very nice.
So, looking forward to hearing from you

You can contact me by mail at
[email protected]
Howard probably best to send her an email directly. She might not be checking this site very often.
HowardinBA said:
Hi Mini.that,s what I did...makes you wonder really eh?thanks anyway

Oh. Hum. Well, she's been posting on here a little bit. Maybe she's away or busy. Good luck! I do hope she get's back to you. I also wanted to take her up on her offer to visit some places to get antiques in Pilar. Let's hope she comes back soon. :D
Sorry guys!!!
Once I finish writing this I'll answer the mails. I do check this site, but not my email very often... :eek:
Anyway, here's some extra info.
The most important thing you must know is that the school Im lookin ppl for is in Pilar, that is around 60 km from capital federal. (this info is usually a major turn off ... :D)
We are looking for teacher for both primary and secondary school. The school is really nice and the students are mostly well educated and quiet. MOSTLY :) Of course it's necessary that you have the needed papers to be able to be "en blanco"
Pilar is in the North of the province of Buenos Aires.
If you want more info:

Hope this was useful.
Again, sorry for the delay
Well Vero,I live in Boulogne,I have Argentine DNI (extranjero),Cuit etc.I have my own transport and Pillar isn,t too far away from me..I am an English native and I am in my 3rd year of teaching here in BA.I am going to England to visit my family at the end of November until early February,that,s why I wanted to get the ball rolling,,,regards Howard