A question directed towards those with business in Arg


Jan 2, 2007
Do you keep a lawyer on staff? If so, can you estimate approximately how many hours per month the lawyer spends filing paperwork for you?

We have a corp accountant here who handles all our payroll, employee issues, payments to the gov't for obra/carga sociales, etc.

However, our lawyer seems to spend several (expensive) hours a month filing paperwork with various gov't entities. As an FYI - he is director of the company in this moment however there is no work tied to that. In no other country in the world have I seen this need. However, I'm willing to accept Arg may be a bit different and more paperwork intensive. I just want to make sure I"m not the only one paying a lot of money if I don't need to be ;)
This is somewhat unusual. Your accountant or a notary should be able to handle 99.9% of the paperwork. Unless, perhaps you are in the chemical or pharma business.
yeah, I agree, I have 3 small businesses here, and consult with a lawyer rarely, perhaps once every 2 months...