"Celia" said:
Can I still afford to live here?
There are two ways to measure inflation: (1) by price increases, and (2) by what you're spending. Despite last year's price increases, my spending -- which I track assiduously on a customized Excel spreadsheet -- only rose about 4%. I did this by very carefully and methodically altering some of my spending habits, but I could only do that by understanding exactly where every centavo was going. What worked (and works) for me will not necessarily work for anyone else, and besides, there's a limit on just how much you can cap spending should inflation spin totally out of control. Nonetheless, I find that at current levels, it's definitely manageable.One thing I do is every morning when I start making my web rounds, I hit the following two sites first: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/http://www.wisebread.com/Not all of these tips and tricks work in Buenos Aires, but it does get my mind in a thrifty mode as I start the day.As Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing." Think of living in Argentina just now as an invitation to a daring adventure. LOL!


"rmartinbuenosaires" said:
Nikad-Thanks for your "invaluable" input. I simply stated the facts. I can "scrape" by so don't worry about me moving to Uganda anytime soon. I am just looking forward to the next crisis which will of course happen. I did do my research before moving here in 2003, Nikad so again thanks for your useless input. I am looking forward to the next crisis as that is the best time to get some renovation work done on my apartment!
rmartinbuenosaires you don´t state facts, people here get an extra salary a year, after working an 1 hour more than what you do in the US ( make the numbers for the year ) Also the ABL increase is due to the fact that the escrituras for RE property have ridiculous values, so I guess it is just a part of a process to update both RE values and taxes.