About to relocate to Bs As for 4 years...! I'll start wit Duvets & cars.


Aug 30, 2009
My first concern though -- and I will appreciate any advice on that -- is how easily accessible are good quality goose down feather duvets and pillows? They are very bulky to pack but am not sure how hard it would be to source them there and how pricey they'd be? Any advice?

We also need to buy a car - website quote prices in "$" does that reflect pesos or US $? (some quote in U$S, so it's confusing!)

Many thanks!

I'd save your limited luggage/shipping space for other item's, that cannot be purchased here..!

The temps. here hardly warrant a thick duvet, winters are very mild and most apt's homes have gas/electric heating...!

Source for Duvets and pillows.....http://arredo.com.ar/default.asp

Most prices for autos are in Pesos Arg ($) USD is usually denoted as U$S.

Search through the posts on this board, and you will find lot's of valuable info. re: your move to BsAs.:)
if you want to bring your duvet, get one of those storage bags that you use a vaccuum to suck out the air and squish it down tight.
We brought our goosedown comforter and glad for it during the high humidity in the rainy winter and/or spring! Saves on the heating bill as well :)

Mini is right...do the vacuum with a storage bag...it works!

**as for buying a car...it was no fun!!! Took us over 3 months with all the hoops we had to jump through! And depending on where you will be living you don't really need one here...plus the drivers are insane...won't get into it....just know that 20 plus people die everyday on the roads here, mostly due to excessive speed. Insurance is expensive too...we paid over 400 pesos, per month!
Thanks on both advice pieces - the car situation looks scary...We shall have to decide once we get there. Muchas gracias:)
You don´t know how scary it is to drive. I have never driven here and never will. The drivers in BA make left turns from the far right lane of a 4 lane one way street. I don´t think I´ve met an expat who owns a car. Need a car? Rent a car.
I would suggest that you bring or ship anything that is small and light. Don´t asume that you can buy it here. Prices on many things are more expensive than in the U.S. and the quality is questionable, at best. I don´t think that washcloths are sold here.