Acupuncture in pregnancy


Nov 13, 2006
Does anyone have an acupuncturist they've used during pregnancy? Specifically, I'm interested in seeing one toward the end of my pregnancy to induce labor. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

thanks, Keri
I am going to send a brasileño friend a message to see if he has any recommendations. He is a great guy! He dropped med school a couple years from completion to study and devote himself full time to acupuncture.

Though I am sorry I cannot offer you any personal experience about either acupuncture or about pregnancy!
Emily, Please send me your acupuncturist recommendation as well. Thanx.
thanks, mini! i look forward to any recommendations
I realize this post is old and you've probably already had your baby, but if anyone else is interested, I am an acupuncturist from NYC practicing here. Quite a few of my patients in my previous practice were women with pregnancy-related issues, and I received a lot of referrals from a very well-known OBGYN/midwifery practice affiliated with the Birthing Center at St. Luke's Roosevelt hospital. I also work with male and female fertility, among many, many other issues both "female"-related and otherwise.

Please send me an email or PM if you'd like more info:
Kathleen Marsh
[email protected]