Aires Buenos Aires Summer Activities


Apr 30, 2006
Last night I went to the outdoor concert in the Costanera Sur to hear Mavi Díaz + guests (Mavi is the daughter of the late Hugo Díaz) and Luis Salinas. It was a great evening and I recommend checking it out another Saturday or Sunday night if you get the chance. The mosquitoes were not too bad but we had sprayed ourselves with OFF just in case.

Here is the somewhat clunky website for the summer activities, including outdoor movies at the Rosedal in Palermo, concerts, theater, dance, etc.:
Next Saturday, Juana Molina will be playing. She's one of my favorite Argentine artists. Too bad I'm heading south and will miss the show.
thanks for the advise. Do you know if it is necessary to buy tickets for these shows?
Well, NOFX is coming later this month if anyone is into self-hating yank punk rock like myself :)
Is anyone planning on going to NOFX? - would be grand (and a whole lot more fun) to go along with some others rather than on my lonesome. :) I need a decent shot of punk, its a been a while.