Amazing flat, perfect for long-term relocation


Jul 26, 2006

I'm writing this to offer my flat for long term rental. You can get full details on

The price is, per month, us$1650. I'm looking for a long term rental and, as such, the price stated is a jumping off point for negotiations rather than a fixed figure.

Before getting jumped on by members who seem to think that anything over 400pesos a month is a rip-off (i've been reading this forum and many others for a looooong time) i should go through what this would cost a local:

1. A minimum rental period of 2 years with rent reviews every 6 months and a guarantor or the full 2 years paid up front.

2. the local going rate for my flat, unfurnished and without the service charge or any bills included is us$600/month. This building is one of the most sought after in central buenos aires for both offices and residential.

3. the service charge is around us$150/month, phone and 1 mega wifi internet us$45 and gas and electricity another $30-40. all of this is included in the rental.

4. the flat is completely furnished [and rather nicely, if i don't say so myself :) ] meaning you don't have to pay us$10-20,000 putting in aircon and buying expensive beds, furniture and electrical equipment.

5. having actually lived in the place for over 2 years, i can personally vouch that it's a brilliant place to live.

anyway, if you're interested then please get in touch via email at [email protected]