Amazing house in Alamgro!


Jan 15, 2008
Hola!!! We are 2 Argentinians girls runing a hostel in Almagro. The house is lightfull and Amazing!!! we have 9 single or double rooms, all with windows, some rooms has balconies and some has air conditioner too. We have 5 bathrooms and 7 showers. A huge terrace with barbacue and a multiple use room with air conditioner. A patio with plants. Complete kitchen. Wifi in all the areas, cable tv.
At this moment shares the house: Jess and Eric from US, Eric from US, Rob from UK, Mike from US.
We are looking for fun people who wants to share with us!!
The rent is usd 400 per month with all the utilities.
Hope to hear from you!
Fernanda y Anajú
wow! great! groovy!
sounds really wacky and cool...
I know this fellow, he calls himself a mushroom, he's a fun guy to be with.

I'll get mi coat..........................
400 U$S it is expensive for a that kind of hostel :( For that money you can get a own appartment/studio or better sharings like student-sharing-rooms with breakfast too.
Sounds expencive. I'm staying in a hostel in Almagro too and it cost me 600 PESO a month.