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Things don't always work out the way we intend no matter how good our intentions. I think that is what happened with the BAEG forums. I'm certain that it was unintentional.

For whatever the reason, however, this forum has become an affront to many porteños and Argentines.

For this I am sorry and I ask local residents to forgive any previous slights.

I feel a part of this group and I, therefore, share in the blame.

I hope that Argentines realize that the expatriate community here is a much smaller group than is represented in these forums. Not only that, the people that I have met at Buenos Aires Expatriates Group get-togethers have almost never made the insulting comments of the sort that are regularly featured here on the website's front page.

The policy regarding these forums is very open...as any local person has found upon registering and leaving comments. It is open to all and wears its opinions on both its sleeve and "front page above the fold." That is a commendable quality of this group and its house organ.

The openness and the prominence of the website's forums, however, might leave the occasional reader with the impression that the level of frustration and unhappiness expressed here comes from actual foreign residents of Buenos Aires. Please believe me that this is not normally the case.

These forums are open to anyone...not only Buenos Aires expatriates.

No matter if the person has never even vistited Buenos Aires, these forums are open to them and anyone here is free to say whatever they want (within the limits proscribed by the moderator, of course.)

No one here is required to identify themselves nor their level of familiarity with any part of Argentina. This tremendously liberal policy results in a tremendous number of opinions...from all over the possible spectrum of opinions.

It would be impossible, however, to re-create these opinions within a group of expatriates here in Buenos Aires. They are simply not the same two groups, they are not the same people.

Almost anyone that has relocated to another country, no matter what the level of cultural difference, has experienced frustration with their new homeland. Argentines are famous travelers and certainly recognize this.

Frustration of this kind is usually expressed in private, if at all, like a polite but petulant guest within the hospitality of someone else's home. I believe that everyone has felt this way at least on one occasion.

That normal level of frustration is not expressed here, however. Frustration with living in Argentina is often expressed here by those that do not live in Argentina.

The common courtesy and decency expected of a guest is not always expressed here...but keep in mind that many of these frustrated and unhappy opinions are from people who may have rarely visited this beautiful place and, possibly, might never have made themselves available to the kindness of the average porteño. "Expatriate", in this usage, is a misnomer.

Neither is there anything private regarding this expression of normal frustration with unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances. Here it is front-and-center on a page freely accessible to anyone in the world, including our hosts.

I doubt that this will change.

I hope, however, that any occasional readers will realize that this forum allows a free-for-all for complainers no matter who they may be, and is not representative of the foreign population that enjoys and benefits from the hospitality of Argentine society and that it gives the same opportunity to those of us that adore Buenos Aires and can't bear to think of leaving.
I believe the problem is that some people think about this forum as a textbook or a tourist guide. It is not. It just not happened to be.
You may agree or disagree with what is said here. We have no intention to support views of any particular person. But for sure it makes you to think about things and reevaluate your own opinions on the subjects.
This is what has brought here so many interesting and intelligent people. And bigbadwolf deserves a lot of credit for it. For creating a controversy, even though the majority seem to strongly disagree with him almost on everything.
As to bbw not living here. Well, to talk about the economy you don't have to see price tags in mom & pop's grocery stores. May be having an insider point of view does give you an important advantage. But I guess it should be pretty visible by itself so there is no need to stress it out.
President Maskow
You do no speak I beleive also for the majority of the people here on this forum .
President Maskow has decreed that from now on that we should always profess undying love eternal devotion and always smile in the eternal paradise of argentina Any trangressions and we will be banished to a sheepfarm on Las Malvinas
You're right, Ramon. I don't speak for anyone but myself.Are you coming to the Year End Party?Do you live here? Are you an expatriate?Don't get offended...it just hard to tell who you are.
I happened to come across this other website that seems to have solely dedicated its content in dissing the BsAs Expat Group. I am surprised to see this other website dripping with some very venomous words towards the Expat Group - please can someone tell me what brought this on? Was it just a difference in opinions maybe? - for that alone is never a bad thing.
Just asking.
"Grazie" said:
I am surprised to see this other website dripping with some very venomous words towards the Expat Group - please can someone tell me what brought this on?


Please check my post in the middle of =1136]this thread.

I think his position is calculated. Running a hate blog brings a fair share of attention. Both to him personally and to his organizational efforts. Otherwise he could have just started another expat site :)
Grazie, The individual in question calls this a hate website because it allows the expression of different opinions - including opinions that are different from his. It's pretty ironic since the individual in question is the one who is intolerant and bullying. Why this individual behaves as he does is beyond my comprehension. I am not a psychiatrist.
Now, I get it. The motive was not apparent until you guys said it out loud to me. I thought it was something like that, but wanted to give the other person the noveau concept - benefit of the doubt - Let us not give him anymore space and time on this website. Since you guys so clearly enlightened me on this, I think I should just take that "visit" to his website an error. Thanks.
Difference in opinions and criticisims (and sometimes being offended) is part or a trade off to the very idea of democracy. Come on we learned about this in Social Science, Civics 101. Diversity is a good thing.
Thanks again for the clarification.
I find all of this "hater" stuff quite amusing and fully encourage [censored] to keep an eye on all of us and even join in under a fake username. I've always thought of this forum as a fun place to chat about BA and Argentina without realizing it's importance on the world stage. jaja.
To be fair, Mike's blog site isn't all that bad and the BA forum hate stuff is only a small section. You can find it at [censored] or search google for [censored].
Gotta say the opening post by maskow is hilarious. Not that I could make it through the whole thing but seriously... you're trying so hard to sound intelligent that it has the opposite effect. Just my opinion!!! jaja. Now attack me you animals.
This post [censored] by Bill on April 21, 2007
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