Another newbie!


Jan 9, 2010
Just wanted to introduce myself. I just moved 2 weeks ago tomorrow...bought a one way ticket so I am here for ??? I work from home and am orginally from Colorado but have been living in California for the past 9 years (San Fran and Hermosa Beach).

I met up with some folks at dinner that BigMike put together--where I got a great overview of the politics (the paid picketeers, where to hail cabs that is safer, the way of the telos and more). Still need the insight to what is fun to do/where is fun to go.

I would love to meet more people. so if anyone is up for drinks, dinner or 3-5 days jaunts outside of BA...let me know!

Hi Kelley!

Great decision, you'll absolutely love it here. I too moved here from California a little over a year and a half ago and can't seem to part ways. Whoever BigMike is sounds like he showed you the ropes of how things function more or less around here. In terms of fun, I can name quite a few days of the week activities. I guess I'll start at the beginning:
Sunday San Telmo street fair is def the place to be with lots of live music, handcrafts, tunnel tours, tango shows, you name it. It runs along the street Defensa into Plaza Dorrego.
Monday if you enjoy percussion playing to a party of people, La Bomba de Tiempo starts at 7:30 on the street Sarmiento and is always a good time. Make sure you get there a little bit early as the line has a tendency to wrap around the block.
Tuesday night usually happens at club Barhein with good electronic music and I believe entrance is free before 12? I'm not sure of that last part since it's been a while since I've been.
Wednesday is a good chill night. If you haven't been to Siga La Vaca yet and you enjoy eating the best of the best meat, I would suggest going to Puerto Madero and stuffing yourself at the meat buffet. It seems a little expensive at first, but $60 pesos comes with all you can eat, plus desert, plus your own bottle of wine for everyone at the table and of course included agua sin gases.
Thursday night usually happens at club 69 and entrance I believe is free again until 12 (you will have to check the sites for exact info). This is another electronic club that gets great revues and is always a good time. Or if you're into hiphop, Lost is another great club with really talented breakdancers to entertain you until the place gets too full and turns into an actual dance club. At the entrance, tell them that you are on the list for Chasco and you get in for free everytime, no matter how late.
Friday and Saturdays have too many things going on and you will have a good idea of what you want to do with the people you meet along the week.

I hope I didn't type your eyes out but you asked for it! Enjoy your stay and if you feel like taking a bike tour through the city, check out my webpage