Any feedback on the rental agency InmoGestionRent ?


Jul 12, 2009
Thinking of renting an apartment through them and just wondering if anyone had any feedback about their service, apartments, prices, etc.

I find it bizarre that they are asking the client (renters) to pay the rental fee and not the apartment owner (as is customary here). They are asking the usual damage deposit etc which is fine - but 20% rental fees (below 6 month rental duration) or one month's rent (over 6 months) seems high - and mainly, not something we should be paying.

Is this the norm in BA ?
The domain name: has been registered since: 03/07/2008OK, that doesn't tell you much other than they have only been around for little over a year assuming they stated in business when they registered their domain name.

more details on the domain:

I rent an apartment through, their commission structure is 8% comission from the renter and 12% from the property owner. I think about 20% in total is standard.

Different companies will have different commission structures, look at the total you will be paying for the apartment and compare it to the total your would pay with other apartments with different agencies.

I believe it is only legal to rent a furnished apartment in Buenos Aires for a maximum of 6 months. For longer than that you would need 2 separate contracts??