Any Mendoza Expats out there?


Oct 30, 2008
Hello, I currently live in Buenos Aires, and am travelling to Mendoza for two weeks coming up from Nov. 6 - Nov. 20. I will be travelling alone, to tour wine country, do some work, relax, and most importantly have some fun. :)

Anyways, looking for folks to connect with and perhaps have a glass of wine while I am in Mendoza. If interested let me know. Or if you know of any upcoming interesting Mendoza events, let me know also.

:cool: Look forward to your reply. Puedo hablar castellano tambien.

just moved to Mendoza.... Love it so far. Always up for meeting a friendly face if you are still in Mendoza.
Skibunny, come to the Englsih Discussion group tonight (Wednesday at 10 pm) and meet some friendly expats and Mendocinos of all ages and backgrounds practicing their English, it happens every Wednesday without stop (has for the past 16 years) and Mendocinos practicing their English (and sometimes we break the rules and practice out Spanish). If you cannot come tonight, maybe another Wednesday. It is at Ebano Cafe halfway down the block on the south side of Calle Colon, between Mitre and Chile. We usually sit outside.

Yes, I am still here. Feel free to email me at [email protected] , maybe we can meet up for maté, hike or whatever.


I’m reading through these forum pages trying to get a little bit if an insight into living and working in Argentina. I’m looking to do the TEFL English course in January, then travel to Argentina around spring of 2010. I was considering BA to teach but also maybe Mendoza, as the pace of life is a little more laid back. Would you be able to offer advise on my proposed plans? I have a Masters degree in engineering from a UK university.

Thanks in advance