Any movie lovers out there?


Jan 13, 2008
I am an avid movie fan. I have actually written three scripts one of which was made into a film and I am writing another now. I am looking for people who also enjoy serious cinema (I am not talking about Titanic) and talking about it after the film. There are some great movies being made here in Argentina - although my Spanish remains weak. But there are also lots of films available on DVD - I've found high-quality DVDs here that were released in cinemas in the US just days before. Argentinian ingenuity!
So if you are interested in going to see some films either at a cinema or on my laptop (DVDs), let me know.
If you are or have worked in the film business so much the better
Its the one thing I really miss in Buenos Aires.
Cheers, Richard
" serious cinema"What do you mean??I am also a film buff, basically everything that is shown in European Film Festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam...) or Sundance like.
I can recommend you good Argentinean films , for their artistic values, not necessarily their content.
Also I sometimes host some film discussions at my home (Spanish/English or both)the last film we saw was "Adoration" by prominent Toronto director Atom Egoyan..
Are you in the same wavelenght?
I am trying to start an script for a movie but a don´t know the proper format,etc.
Can you show me an example,etc; just to get it started?
OK Richard, thks for your input.
Whenever you want a free beer or some local advice, pls let me know
As far as "movie lovers", I arranged my vacation to be in April so it coincides with BAFICI. :)

It's a shame that the distribution schedule here is just so out of whack. I definitely prefer going to the cinema to watching something pirated, but I'm not going to wait another 6 months/year just to see if the distribution companies will consider blessing us with their presence.
If you missed the Bafici, the best of the programation is more or less the same during the rest of the year at Centro Cultural San Martin (Sala Lugones).. avoiding long lines
I attended Robert McKee's STORY seminar in October - mostly about script writing. It was great. I can give you a copy of my notes. I facilitate a writers group in BA if you're interested in some support and networking. And, I love cinema.
wreReynolds said:
.... I've found high-quality DVDs here that were released in cinemas in the US just days before. Argentinian ingenuity!...
Cheers, Richard

Where did you find those DVDs? Can anyone buy them? I'm tired of ordering from Amazon and having the packages vanish in transit.