Any new information on decreto 1169/2004?


Sep 18, 2009
Does anyone have any information on decreto 1169/2004. I had temporal residency 2y + 2y which expired in May 2009. I couldn’t extend my permanency and change it into permanente in May, because I hadn’t job.
Is there any new moment. Maybe Migraciones will offer some new possibility to renew the permanency.
At the moment I’m in Europe, but I miss Argentine every day more and more.
I applied for residency under 'decreto 1169/04' in Feb 05 and paid my AR$ 300.

I became an official temporary resident in June 05, then renewed in June 07 (another AR$ 300), and changed category to permanent (AR$600) in June 09 (finally became an official permanent resident in Nov 09 - I live in Bariloche so Immigration had to send the papers to Buenos Aires).

I inscripted as a Monotributo in May 09 to comply with the rules (I had to show payment of tax within the country - one of the reasons for the creation of decreto 1169) and showed my contract (a scrappy photocopied piece of paper - not legally binding!) I have with the rental agency who rent of the apartment I own in Buenos Aires (this showed proof in income in Argentina).

So I got round the not working in Argentina my becoming a Monotributo.