Anyone able to receive Amazon order?

The shipment came through DHL, so DHL contacted me to give me instructions when the package was about to arrive in Argentina. I had to do it before the package could be released for pick-up -- I didn't have it shipped to my house, just to the DHL office, but that was just a personal preference. I had to go to an AFIP office and provide a copy of my passport and precaria (presumably it would be your DNI instead if you have one) and another form, and they generated an online account for me. It would have taken about five minutes if I hadn't accidentally brought an outdated precaria copy. Then I had to go home and associate some contact information in the online account and send a specific screenshot of the account to DHL. Apologies for not remembering the details of which part of the account needed the screenshot or the name of the AFIP form, but they'll also send you all that information if you get something through them. DHL did have a quick turn-around requirement, though -- I had to get the screenshot to them in 48 hours, but since I was able to waltz into the AFIP office without an appointment, it wasn't hard to do.
Can DHL bring a credit card...and is it complicated?
Yup, just don't specify it's that, call it letter mail. As long as it's under 150g or 200g (can't remember off the top of my head) and it's flat, your friends or family back home can throw it in one of DHL's envelopes and it comes in days. It's not cheap, but I got it at home and no issues.
@Caribbean Cool if you need a credit card replacement, sometimes the bank or card issuer will send replacements overseas for free or for a nominal fee. I lost my USAA debit card recently and they sent me a new one for free, arrived via FedEx in four days. A few months back I had a suspicious transaction on one of my Capital One credit cards and they cancelled the card and also sent me a replacement for free, and I believe it arrived via FedEx in less than a week as well. Visa and Mastercard also have global assistance hotlines and you can request emergency card replacement if your bank doesn't want to ship overseas for some reason.

If you do ship it yourself, there are a couple of ways to save money. UPS give you 50% off published shipping rates if you sign up for a free UPS "My Choice" account. DHL also has a promo code right now (DISCOVER35) that gets you 35% off of document shipments if you pay by credit card. Even with the discounts, it's still not cheap. For example, I just created test shipments from Kansas to Buenos Aires for a 0.5 lb letter/document envelope, with no insurance or commercial value, and the UPS price is $73.36 USD and the DHL price is $97.14 USD. In the package contents description I would enter something along the lines of "Documentos personales - sin valor" to avoid advertising that the package contains a credit card.