Anyone for a Volcano Field Trip??


Anyone else interested in experiencing the eruption of Michimahueda up close and personal?? I truly would love the opportunity to travel to Esquel and take a 4x4 to capture some great shots of the mountain. Not just for pictures, but how many times in a lifetime does one get the opportunity to witness that side of mother nature up close and personal. Not many things get me excited these days, but siesmic/volcanic activity is one of the most humbling natural occurances.
I honestly do not have the means at this point, as I just started a new job here in the city, but was simply curious to see if anyone else shares my excitement. For some reason, when the winds blow, the lightening strikes, the rain pours, and the rivers swell; something awakens inside of me.... Chau !!!


When is that happening? That would be amazing to see! I don't get to BA until July but I am definitely into that.