Anyone have a colourist they adore ?


Jul 12, 2009
Looking for haircolourist love here. Highlights. No caps, foil only. Would love Redken colour products although Aveda could be ok, too.

Full-service salon (mani/pedi for my friend/guest). No problem paying for quality - quite confident even pricier places in BA will be a deal compared to home.

Have seen some good recs for cuts but no one seems to be raving about their colourist. Cuts I'm not so picky with and colour is generally fixable but I'd (obv) rather just get it right the first time.

What colour? I am naturally blond and finally gave up trying to get good lighter blonde highlights here and just dyed my hair dark. I like the colorist I used for the dark but I have no help if you're looking for light highlights. I tried a bunch of places and came out with highlights ranging from yellow-orange to platinum. Bad :(
Sorry to tell you, you won't find AVEDA here...I used to be a Rep in the I know it isn't sold here unless a colorist brought their own products with them.

Do a search here for Ryan/Canadian Stylist....nothing but good posts....

I have yet to see a good color job here....and highlights....nope!

But if anyone can give you what you want I would think Ryan can!

Best of luck!!!
Send me a pm and I will give you Ryan's number. He is the best. Cuts really nice too.
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