Anyone have Ideas for work?

I shouldn`t be asking this since I`ve been here long enough to have an idea, but, does anyone know of some work possibilities while living in Argentina? I wanted to find something not so rutine or common. I had a restaurant (cafe/Deli) and it was so frustrating that I celebrated the day we closed! Now I am looking for something different. ANY ideas....just let me know!!!
Paul though I might not have much to offer, not having made it to Argentina yet but I can tell you what I'm considering. I've been considering doing legal research and writing on the appellate level for firms in North Carolina and perhaps South Carolina. All that would be needed is high speed access and a willingness to periodically return to NC for marketing purposes. By this manner I could keep a US level of income, while having a cost of living only about a third of that in the states.

You haven't really provided much information about your options. What is your schooling? Do you have any international business experience? Do you have any experience in tourism or hospitality management as far as the business end? What is your home country? The more that you relate about yourself the more helpful the advice is likely to be and the more that will be offered.

Hope you hear back from you.

Hi Harold,
I`m a graduate in Food Technology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. I worked several years in the industry in quality control and microbiology. Also, was involved in production...In companies such as Heublein (smirnoff vodka), Del Monte, Red Star Yeast, and here in Argentina with Gandara and Lactona, (dairy products). I`m now pretty sure I dont want a "traditional" 9 to 5 job....It would be great to be "tied" somewhat to the U.S. and travel every 6 months. I have some properties I manage out in California and Washington but they take very little time. I`m now just trying to "stretch" my imagination. What you mentioned sounds like highly "specialized" work....(something that is common in the U.S.).....while my "abilities" seem to be "spread more thin"...
Sometimes I think, "how can I incorporate some of my interests into my work life....such as science and history?"
Well, let me know if you have any sounds pretty good what you`ve found...
Paul, have you ever thought about working in the wine producing industry in Argentina. Considering the costs of some of those vineyards if you can't acquire one yourself or manage to find sufficient investors abroad, managing a winery sounds right up your line. Perhaps an absentee vineyard owner is looking for someone to manage his vineyard and winery. There are possibilites in the entire agri-business sector.

I'd like to know if there is a governmental agency in Argentina that certifies the sanitation in restaurants. If there isn't then perhaps a consulting service to or certification of restaurants would be possible. You simple inquire of a restaurant owner if he would care to be tested as to the conditions of his establishment. You grade those conditions and provide that certification to industry publications and to the general public. From what I understand BA has many restaurants and the business is quite competitive.

I'll give it some more thought.

Funny,....I`ve been working on exactly that project....offering restaurants a form of quality control assesment. I owned a restaurant for the last 3 years in San Isidro. IT was a "heck" of an experience!....and needless to say I was quite happy to sell it. Now I will have a small participation in the Sushi restaurant that will replace it. In any case I do have some specific experience in restaurants.
The "Q.C." project, I will continue to go forward on that. My concern is that, even though there are MANY restaurants here in B.A., I am sure that the importance of sanitation is given a low priority. Will the Argentine restaurant owners pay? I know quite a few of them....and the bottom line in their business isn`t quality. Here, the restaurants are inspected at the city level....both permits and routine inspections. They really dont have any set guidelines. My idea was to implement the aspects of both HACCP and the GMP`s, taken from the food industry, and "adapt" them to restaurants....complete with employee training, etc.
Tell me, are you living in Argentina? It seems you have some very good ideas....but, this country is pretty "special" in the sense that it is in many ways following the same patterns found in the U.S., yet, always with an "argentine" detour of some sort....sometimes just enough to make or break a business project.
Anyway, thanks for your responses!
I`m amazed at how much
I'm afraid that I haven't made it down yet. It is looking like a year on the outside before I can make the move. Right now I'm just trying to acquire as much information as I can.

If the Argentine restauranteurs aren't interested perhaps travel agencies and those hotels that cater to tourists would be more interested.