Anyone likes The Beatles??


hello everyone, i have been living here almost for a month now, and i would like to do new things a meet new people. I am a crazy beatle fan, or i was, rigth now i only loved them, anyway, the thing is that on march 27th it will be a tribute concert on the Gran Rex theater, and the special guest would be Pete Best, the first drummer of the band.
I would love to go to the concert, so i was wondering if any of you is interested.


You should check out The Beats when they come through town. They are a "tribute band" that has won international competitions. I think they play 2-4 times a year in Buenos Aires.

Three sets with a different costume for each.
-Early days
-Sgt. Pepper days
-Hippie days

And even their accents in their slight banter in between songs is very well done.