Anyone looking for an English speaking Pilates Instructor?


Dec 1, 2008
If anyone is looking for a Pilates (Reformer) instructor that speaks English, look no further. Her name is Maria and she offers private and customized Pilates classes in Palermo near the Botanical Gardens.

I have had back issues for years and constantly debate between yoga and pilates as to which would be more beneficial for me. But because I want to make sure I cause no further damage to my back, I needed to make sure I understood what the instructors were saying. Maria is very experienced in pilates and very knowledgeable of the human body. And because the classes are private, she can tailor them to your specific needs. And her rates are very reasonable!!

I have no financial interest in passing on this info but I do hope I can save someone some time in searching for an English speaking pilates instructor.

You can reach Maria at:


What does she charge? I don't care about the English as much but I'm always interested in checking out new pilates instructors. I go to Aires Up at La Imprenta and I like the instructors but I am interested in something more serious.
citygirl - there's a studio further up on migueletes that might be worth trying. Only four beds, good instructors. Used to go, but couldn't stomach it first thing in the morning or straight after work so I lapsed.
She charges $100 pesos 1x per week for a month, $140 pesos for 2x a week for a month and $180 pesos for 3x a week for a month. I just upped to 3x. I am really loving it!!

I think I am even going to get my husband to give her classes a try.
I have to gush a little bit about Maria. I took the advice of Sharyn via this site and I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful instructor. Side note: I visited several pilates studios prior...

I had taken several months of private classes in Manhattan, so my expectations were a little high. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is Maria properly trained, she is very professional, gives excellent instruction (tells you what you are doing and why and corrects you - so important to me) and she's just wonderful with people. She has great energy.

In all honesty, I feel great after every single class. I feel lengthened, my core feels stronger, my back feels the support and I feel stretched out and relaxed by the end. It is most definitely a workout and it's challenging in a different way (i've done every workout regimen on the planet). I enjoy every class and really look forward to it everyday.

If you are looking for a class, you should consider trying a class with her. She's great, I promise!
I would like to try her classes for pregnant women. I looked on her blog & don't know why I couldn't find her contact information. Any of you ladies know her phone # or e-mail address?