Anyone with a Chase Debit Card: questions


Aug 28, 2007

Anyone with a Chase debit card in BA? What are the fees, best place (ATM) for a withdrawal and daily limit or per transaction?

Help is appreciated.

I use the Chase debit card at the Santander bank on the corner of Maipu, up one block from Pelliza in Olivos and dont have any trouble to withdraw 3000 pesos, 1000 at a time per day, maybe more but never tried. The fee shows up on my statement as $3.00

I guess we are neighbors?
So, never had any troubles? And a $3 fee? That's awesome.

Thank you very much!
I will be taking a Chase Debit card to baires too, I just got it a week ago. I asked Chase if they would give me another one just in case i lost mine or got stolen and they said no! If anything happens to it, they're gonna have to send a new one to Baires.... sucks... $3 transaction fee is not bad, just take the maximun amount i guess...
i got chase debit card, best place to go is citibank, its US$3 for each withdrawl and no other fees, i think i can take out about $1800 pesos each time and it usually gives you 100, 50s, and 10's which is really useful

just make sure chase knows u gonna be in argentina, otherwise they will turn you card off thinking it was stolen
Yes, that is correct, they will need to know you will be using it in Argentina. I have also noticed that when I take out cash then look on the statemenrt, the withdrawal shows up rather quickly with the comment "posting" and once it has been posted a day or so later, the amount is a little different, thus the % fee. I havent bothered to figure what that % is though. I just accept that fact as part of doing transactions outside of the US.